Children wearing masks: – Prepare children to wear masks in this way, they will not hesitate again

Children wearing maska ​​:- If you are going out of the house with children. So make them wear masks. However, children do not wear masks easily. So you prepare them in this way to wear the mask.

As soon as the havoc of Corona subsides unlocked process has started. In such a situation, people are slowly coming out of their homes. If you are also going somewhere outside the house. So go wear a mask. Along with this, keep your children out of the house too. wear a mask only Go. so that you can avoid infection. However, children are stubborn. They don’t wear masks easily. For this reason, you can persuade them to wear the mask through some tips.

If children are insisting not to wear masks. So explain to them that if they don’t wear a mask, don’t take them out. In such a situation, children will wear masks to go out. Because kids love going out of the house.

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You also wear a mask-

Children also repeat what adults do. Therefore, if you are also wearing a mask, then the children will automatically start wearing the mask after seeing you. Along with this, they can also be taught to follow social distancing.

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Tell them why masks are necessary –

Explain to the children at home that wearing a mask does not pose a risk of infection. They are required to wear masks. Nowadays everyone is stepping out of the house wearing a mask. Only then will they agree to wear masks.

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According to the children, the mask-

Sometimes children pull out the mask and remove it. That’s why children should wear such a mask. Which the child can easily put back on himself.

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Children’s favorite mask-

Children love cartoons and colours. So try to have cartoon or colorful on children’s masks. So that they wear it with passion.

Teach children to wear masks in this way-

To teach children to wear masks, you yourself should wear a mask in front of the children. When you put a mask in front of them, they will also come up with a way to wear the mask. Then they themselves will start wearing masks.


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