Child is vomiting in summer, adopt these home remedies immediately

New Delhi. It is often seen that during the summer time children complain of vomiting (Vomit) more, so it becomes a matter of concern for every mother. Because vomiting of the child can also be a problem related to health. But sometimes this type of vomiting is also caused by the food not being properly digested. Children often vomit even after eating anonymously. In such a situation, you can treat it at home with the help of some home remedies. But if the child is vomiting repeatedly and continuously, then he should be taken to the doctor.

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Give liquid:

Due to vomiting, there is a lack of water in the body of children. Due to which the body starts to get weakness, in this situation, children can give them things like fruit juice, vegetable puree, light soup, rice water to bring energy.

Ginger juice:

Ginger is very effective in vomiting, sour belching. For this, the child cannot drink ginger juice, add a few drops of honey to it, and drink it to prevent vomiting. This mixture of ginger and honey not only relieves vomiting, but also corrects the digestive process.

Mint juice:

Mint juice is a very effective way to stop vomiting. Remove juice equivalent to one teaspoon from fresh mint leaves. Add one teaspoon lemon juice and equal honey to taste in it and give it to the child. This will give instant relief in vomiting.

Cumin is also effective in vomiting:

To prevent vomiting of the child, fry and grind about a teaspoon of cumin seeds. Then mix it in lukewarm water and give it to the child. You can also lick baby with cardamom powder and honey by adding cumin powder, it will give instant relief.

Give cardamom

To reduce vomiting, you immediately grind half a teaspoon of cardamom seeds and mix some sugar in it and give it to the child. You will get immediately Aram.

Use fennel

Aniseed is one of the most effective natural remedies for child vomiting. Its anti-bacterial properties are effective in correcting vomiting and nausea. Boil one spoon of fennel in a cup of water for 10 minutes and filter and feed it to the child 3 to 4 times a day.

(Note: – Before implementing these things, please contact the concerned expert)


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