Changes in the design of WhatsApp, Facebook’s new name Meta

The world’s largest social networking company Facebook has recently decided to change its name and logo. The entire Facebook brand name is now Meta. The new name has been given only to the parent company, while the rest of the companies will remain the same. Although the effect of this change of the company, now the rest of the companies will definitely see a little bit. Started with WhatsApp. Due to the new name, WhatsApp has also had to make a small change in its design.

New name appeared Meta
Let us know that while starting the popular messaging app WhatsApp, users used to see ‘WhatsApp from Facebook’ written on the screen. It’s changed now. Now users will see the new line WhatsApp by Meta. At present, it has not been released for all WhatsApp users. According to the report of WABetaInfo, it has been brought to the beta version of WhatsApp, which will soon come to the stable version as well.

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Why change your name and logo
The word Meta is derived from Metaverse. Through the Metaverse, people can meet, work and play in a virtual world using a virtual reality headset. The Metaverse is a virtual computer-generated space. Tech companies around the world are currently searching for the future in the metaverse itself. Let us tell you that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said in an earnings call in July that the future of the company lies in the ‘metaverse’.

Experts believe that this could be the Internet of the future, in which communication with virtual reality and other technologies will reach a different level. By the way, some experts are also worried about this because they think that through this technology so much private data will reach the tech companies that the limit of privacy will be completely over.

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