Central government blunders on corona vaccine case: CM Ashok Gehlot from NDTV

CM Ashok Gehlot talks to NDTV specifically about the Corona epidemic

At the NDTV Solutions Summit, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said, “The cases of corona infection and death in the state are steadily increasing … It is a matter of concern … Fortunately Rajasthan is better than the neighboring states, though The supply of oxygen is getting disturbed to some extent .. “The country will have to fight together with Corona. The Center and the states will have to cooperate together. We have made full preparations to deal with Corona.

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On the horrific situation of Corona in the country, Gehlot said that I have written to PM Modi that rallies are enough, now pay attention to Corona. Corona has arrived in a very terrible condition. PM Modi would also like to pray through this program to pay attention to the corona.

CM Gehlot further said that the Center has made some mistakes in Corona’s case, they should accept it. The center should work in cooperation with the states. I have the biggest complaint from Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan. I considered him a good person. I did not know they could lie. We had one and a half day vaccine left. We told the Center, there was no complaint. On this, he said that the state governments are spoiling the vaccine. There is no shortage of vaccine.

He further said – It is not just the Health Minister, I believe this mistake of the entire Government of India that the way the vaccine program should have been run, it did not work. The central government has blundered on the vaccine. The policies of the Center regarding the vaccine were not correct. The vaccine should have been opened for the private sector as well. The Center should have also announced vaccine free in the entire country, when they had talked about free vaccine only during the elections in Bihar. If most people had been vaccinated, the situation that would have happened today would not have happened.

There has also been a mistake regarding election rallies. Regarding Haridwar Kumbh, he said that it should have been decided on time too. Those who go back from Kumbh will also spread the corona. Many states have issued guidelines that whoever returns from Kumbh will be quarantined. PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah should leave all work and talk to the states. Only when we fight together will we succeed.


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