Causes of corona infection in adults becoming home sicker than children: study

Causes of corona infection in adults becoming home sicker than children: study

More adults than children were exposed to the coronavirus in the index.

According to research, the cause of transmission of coronavirus is more in adult homes than in children

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US, more adult members are suffering from Covid-19 domestically than children. This is the latest attempt to determine the CDC’s domestic transmission rate of coronavirus, different from previous research. According to research, adults are more prone to the transmission of the coronavirus than children. The CDC’s new research includes both initial patients and index patients of lab-confirmed coronavirus infection in Nashville, Tennessee, and Marshfield, Wisconsin, in April this year. Both index patients and their household members were trained remotely to detect symptoms and were asked to obtain self-collected samples including saliva samples with a nasal swab over 14 days.

191 Study done through domestic people
Of the 191 domestic contacts enrolled, 101 index patients reported no symptoms on the first day. In the following days (secondary infection rate of 53 percent), 102 people out of 191 were found to be corona positive. When index patients were older than 18, the secondary infection rate was 57 percent, which increased to 43 percent when index patients were under 18.

Adults are corona positive compared to children

Overall, more adults in the index were exposed to the coronavirus than children. This includes 20 children and 82 adults. 40 percent of the index patients reported that they stayed in one room with one or more members and slept before the illness began, and 30 percent confessed this after the illness.

This important thing revealed in the study
Another important point in the study is that less than half of the household members were diagnosed with infection symptoms at the time of the report, and many reported no symptoms during the seven days of asymptomatic secondary contacts. Underlines the capacity of transmission. At the same time, other studies conducted abroad have often found lower domestic infection rates.

Isolation is very important
The CDC said this could be because those studies would not have followed enough and because those patients may have been in the process of isolation or they may have used masks. The CDC has recommended that those who suspect themselves to be infected with Kovid-19 should separate themselves from their family members. To protect the family and themselves, they should sleep separately, use separate bathrooms, and also do not forget to apply masks.

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