careful! Eat mangoes carefully, this can be a problem if eaten like this

Mango Side Effects: Who doesn’t like Mango, the king of fruits? As soon as summer comes, people fill their mango baskets from the market and bring them to the hobby. Mango is not only excellent in taste, but it is also considered a good fruit for health. The specialty of mango is that many varieties of it are found in the market like Chausa, Dussehri, Totapuri, Langda etc., which are in demand in every household. People of all ages eat it with fervor. It contains a lot of elements like vitamins, minerals, iron, which boost our immunity. But if it is eaten in excess then it can have side effects on our body. According to Medical New Today, if consumed in excess, you may have to face problems like high cholesterol, obesity and diabetes.

May increase weight

If you eat more mangoes than necessary, it can cause your weight gain. Actually, the amount of calories in mangoes is very high. In such a situation, if you burn these calories daily then you will not gain weight, but if you eat mango while sitting, then it can definitely cause your weight gain.

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There may be a problem with the rash

More common food can cause rash and pimples. Not only this, it can also cause rash on your face. It is said in Ayurveda that there is a complaint of rash on the skin due to excessive consumption of sweet fruits. In such a situation, eat mango only after thinking carefully.

Loose Motion Complaint

Mango is in a fruit that has a lot of fiber. In such a situation, if you are eating more mango than necessary, then it can speed up your digestion process more than necessary, which can start the problem of diarrhea.

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Blood sugar can affect

There is a natural sweetness inside the mango. In such a situation, if you eat more quantity of mango then it can increase the sugar level in the blood. If you are a diabetic, then do not eat mangoes at all without consulting your doctor.

Allergy Complaint

Many times, after eating mango, people start to get irritation near their lips. In this case, take full preconstruction before eating mangoes and eat only the right amount of mangoes.

Know what is the right time to eat mango

Try to eat mangoes in the morning or after lunch. Eating mangoes in the morning will give you energy throughout the day. If you eat mangoes after dinner, then your sleep may be affected.


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