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When it comes to dress up, wearing underwear seems to be a simple thing. But very few people know that if this cloth is not changed daily or worn dirty, then it can also cause many problems. Often, many people shy away from bathing in laziness and cold and also avoid changing their underwear when not taking bath. Such people need to be vigilant, because we have to face many health problems. Here we are going to tell you about some such problems.

Urine infection

A study published in the Journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology in 2019 found that some bacteria can remain on your underwear even after washing – so you can understand how many bacteria would have made their home there by not changing their underwear. If this bacteria goes into the urinary tract, then it causes Urin infection (UTI). In this way, you inadvertently harm your own health.

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Smell of vagina:
Moisture is created in the underwear due to discharge throughout the day. This gives bacteria, Yeast and Fungus a good place to grow. Because of this, there is a risk of infection in Vagina, smells different from Vajina. You can also become a victim of serious illness by this.
Abscess rashes in the private part

Due to not changing your underwear everyday, pimples can also come out in your private part. It is caused by long-term perspiration, moisture, dirt. If you want to avoid them, then keep your very intimate part clean like your face.

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Yeast infection:
In moisture, the yeast finds a suitable place to grow. Especially after work like exercise when you do not change your underwear, it can make you a yeast infection patient. It causes irritation and itching in and around your intimate part. It is not just women, men can also.
Getting rashes
The rashes are really painful and troublesome. Change underwear everyday to avoid these. Failure to do so may result in additional moisture causing rashes in and around your private part. (Disclaimer: The information and information provided in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing them Contact the concerned specialist.)


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