‘Brother, give me my javelin’, when Neeraj Chopra had to ask Pakistan’s Nadeem for his spear before the final

New Delhi. India’s javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra is currently at the pinnacle of success. He created history by winning gold at the Tokyo Olympics this month. He won 87.58m javelin throw gold in the final. He remained at number one throughout the match. Prior to this, he was also at the first position in the qualification. After this success, he became an overnight star. Prizes were showered on them. However, this result could have changed. Because just before the final, Neeraj was not getting his spear. He was upset about it. After some time Neeraj saw his spear in the hands of Arshad Nadeem of Pakistan. Neeraj himself has disclosed this.

Neeraj narrated the whole story in an interview to the Times of India. He told that I was looking for my javelin first from the beginning of the final. Because I couldn’t find it. Then I saw Arshad Nadeem of Pakistan walking around holding that javelin in his hands. I immediately went to him and said brother this is my javelin, give it to me. I just have to go throwing now. Then Nadeem gave me back the javelin. Then everyone must have seen how hasty I did the first throw. Because the time to throw the throw is fixed.

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Neeraj Chopra also likes Nadeem
He further said that Arshad had also done well in the qualifying rounds. He threw some throws very well in the final as well. I think it is good for Pakistan. Because after Nadeem’s performance, interest in Javelin throw will increase among the youth of Pakistan and they will perform better in future international events. He also appealed to the people of Pakistan to encourage and support Nadeem.

So Nadeem Arshad’s love for social media broke Pakistan’s dream of Olympic medal?

Nadeem finished 5th in Tokyo Olympics
Let us tell you that Nadeem of Pakistan considers Neeraj Chopra of India as his ideal. Nadeem was also considered as a strong contender for medal in Tokyo Olympics and it was seen as such. He finished 5th with a throw of 84.62. Nadeem could not win the medal. But impressed everyone with his game. There is always a good match between Neeraj and Arshad on the field. While Neeraj won the gold in the 2018 Asian Games, Arshad won the bronze medal.

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