Britain took revenge on China, ban on entry of Chinese ambassador in Parliament

Image Source : India TV
Britain took revenge on China, ban on entry of Chinese ambassador in Parliament

London. Britain has banned the Chinese ambassador from entering its parliament. Britain has taken this step after China’s action in which China banned some British lawmakers because they questioned human rights violations in China’s Xinjiang province. British parliamentarians, some British lawyers and intellectuals raised their voices against the Chinese atrocities on Weigar Muslims in Xinjiang province, and China banned those British citizens in March, calling them liars and misleading.

But now Britain has also taken a similar step against China and has banned the Chinese ambassador from entering the parliament there. The Chinese ambassador has been barred from entering Britain’s House of Commons and House of Lords. The Chinese Embassy in London has condemned this move of the UK Parliament. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy, ​​it has been said that this step taken by the Parliament of Britain may affect the relationship between the two countries.

China constantly tries to take advantage by complicating the internal affairs of countries around the world, but when any country starts raising its voice about the atrocities on Vigar Muslims, then China gets chilly. When Britain’s news group BBC started keeping the truth of the atrocities against Vigar Muslims in front of the whole world, China had banned the BBC in its own right. In response, Britain had also declared a ban on China’s CCTV.

Like other countries of the world, the media of China is not independent and runs completely under the control of the leftist government there. The media of the left-wing government of China puts in front of the world only those things which are in the interest of China. The media never allows any information to come out about the disputes and disputes taking place in China. Vigor Muslims have been persecuted in China’s Xinjiang province for a long time, where Muslims have neither the freedom to fast nor are they allowed to practice their religion in their own way.


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