Both the private hospital and the patient are upset due to the government’s ‘capping’ in the treatment of corona

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Capping in corona treatment news- Even though the government has decided packages to provide relief in treatment to corona patients, but the patients with mediclaim are suffering due to this, while the private hospital management is also worried.

New Delhi. In the treatment of corona, where the private hospital management is getting upset due to the government applying ‘Capping’, that is, deciding the complete package. At the same time, patients are also suffering. Private hospitals say that due to ‘capping’, situations of dispute with Timardars are created. To protect against these conditions, medicines should be kept out of ‘capping’.

The government has fixed packages for the treatment of corona to the investigation. There is a fear of action by the local administration for charging more than the package. State governments have fixed different rates for their respective states. In this, the rates for general and National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) are also different. Including isolation beds, ICU beds with ventilators, ICU beds with ventilators and RTPR testing for corona. These private hospitals have to be treated at the rate fixed by the government.

The patient is harmed in this way

Private hospitals cannot bill more than the rate fixed by the government. Therefore, there is a separate bill for the cost of medicines. Patient’s attendants get angry and dispute over paying more than the package. In such a situation, the maximum loss is caused to the people who have made mediclaim. The Mediclaim company does not approve more than the package and the patient has to pay the additional bill spent in the treatment. The hospital gets upset like this

Hospital management says that the government has fixed the same treatment for all patients. The cost of bed, room, nursing may be the same for all patients according to the category, but it is not necessary to give the same medicine to all. The MD of a major hospital told that five patients are admitted in ICU, some of them are more serious, some less, some will be given high dose and some will be given low dose. Because of this there is a difference in price. This causes trouble.

this can be the solution

Experts say that drugs should be separated from capping. The price of medicine should be controlled. The drug controller can do this. The rates of the medicine should be fixed according to the category. Due to the reduction in the rates of medicines, the bills of those who get treatment from Mediclaim can also be made inside the package.


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