Bois locker room: A girl with a fake id behind the ‘gangrape’ comment

Bois locker room: A girl with a fake id behind the ‘gangrape’ comment

Bois locker room: A girl with a fake id behind the 'gangrape' comment

Hello friend, you will remember the revelation of the Bois locker room on Instagram and the gang chat viral girl chat. A new twist has emerged in the Bois’ locker room. According to the Delhi Police investigation, one of the members of the Instagram group was a minor girl. Who kept a fake profile of the Bois adolescence by hiding his identity. His profile name was Siddharth.

Bois locker room

According to media reports, the minor girl then posted indecent remarks about herself. After that everyone else commented on that post.

    Let us tell you that the Bois Locker Room Scandal made every parent worry. The safety of children using social media is troubling them. But now a big twist has emerged in this story. A girl is emerging as an accused in this case, who has been claimed by Delhi Police.

Bois locker room group administrator arrested: Delhi Police

Delhi Police has said that the group administrator of this group has been arrested, who was an active member of this group. A minor has also been arrested in this. In this case, the Delhi Police is interrogating 24 students to investigate this case.

There is no boy but a girl who made the gang-rape story viral:

The screenshot of the gang-rape story shared on social media is not a boy but a girl who went viral on social media. Which made this post viral on social media. Delhi Police has claimed that a girl named Siddharth created a fake profile on social media platforms by creating ID on Instagram.


   After which he talked to his friends about gang rape. But the boys did not agree with these things. Delhi Police has also claimed that the girl did all this to understand the character of her friends. Let us tell you that all these things happened on Snapchat, whose screenshots were also shared in the Bois locker room on Instagram, which has since started going viral from there.


   A police investigation revealed that the Snapchat conversation was actually between a girl and a boy. In which the girl is sending a chat message through a fictional Snapchat account named Siddharth. Using the fake identity of a male person, he suggested in the chat, a plan to sexually harass himself, the intent to send such chat messages using fictitious identity, the receiver’s reaction to the boy, and the strength of his character had to do.


   Especially when someone talks about bad things about the girl. After knowing all these things, he closed the fake account named Siddharth. But by then the group’s chats and screenshots had gone viral on social media. After this, the story of talking and porn chat between school students came all over.

What is the Bois locker room?

Bois Locker Room was a group of 17- to 18-year-old boys on Instagram. In this group, objectionable things were done by uploading the vulgarity photos of the girls. The younger girls in the group were threatened with felony crimes such as rape.

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