Black Widow Review: The Weakest Story of Avengers’ Most Favorite Character – Black Widow

One thing I like very much about superhero movies is that everyone enjoys the story of their becoming a superhero. Peter Parker gets a chance to become Spiderman from a radioactive spider bite, Kryptonite gives Clark Kent the chance to become Superman and seeks revenge for his crime after watching his parents get murdered. Bruce Wayne introduces himself as Batman. In this episode, the most popular and favorite character of Marvel Comics’ The Avengers series, Natasha Romanov, ie Black Widow, would be good to see the recently released ‘Black Widow’ thinking that it would be good to see the Russian spy turning into an American superhero. , maybe you’ll have a little less fun. The film is good, but on the one hand, the film makers have been rude to expand the story and not show the sex appeal of Black Widow on it.

Natasha Romanov was first introduced as a Russian agent in Marvel Comics’ Ironman series of books. Natasha is sent to America to eliminate Professor Anton Vanko, who had escaped from Russia, where she starts working in the company of Tony Stark i.e. Iron Man. Another Russian agent, Boris Turgenev, steals Ironman’s technology. Professor Vanko somehow manages to save Ironman, and kills Boris. Natasha then convinces an archer named Hawkeye to work with her to take down Ironman. In the process, she falls in love with Hawkeye and wants to leave Russia and settle in America.

Russia’s intelligence agency KGB gets him attacked, due to which Hawkeye has to join the team of Avengers. After some time, Natasha realizes her power and because of the injustice done to her by the Russian government and the love of Hawkeye, she becomes an Avenger herself while working with Spiderman, Daredevil. First, she helps Tony Stark fight with the Avenger, Captain America, an intelligence organization, the Hydra, and then the situation becomes such that he has to run away from there and hide. This Black Widow film follows the story, in which the story of Natasha becoming Black Widow is also shown through flashbacks of her childhood.

The story of the film is written by Jack Shaffer and Ned Benson. Both writers have written and directed films before. Because of this, the sharp edge of the story is clearly visible. Eric Pearson, who wrote the screenplay for the film, previously served as a “script doctor” in the Avengers films. This work is considered very important in Hollywood. The script doctor examines a completely written film of a writer like a doctor and if the parts of the script appear weak then that script doctor treats them. Eric has played this role in most of the Avengers films. In writing the screenplay of Black Widow, Eric did not keep in mind the time limit and tried to cover a lot of events and characters. One thing that stands out in the screenplay is the childhood story, in which Natasha’s character does not show any specialties except her blue streak of hair.

Scarlett Johansson’s performance in the role of Natasha is as colorless as her performance in the earlier Avengers films. The character Black Widow was coined by Marvel Comics lead creative Stan Lee and writer Don Rico. Scarlett Johansson put her style, sexyness and X-factor in it. His appearance in almost every film of Avengers had different fun for the audience. Black Widow is the most powerful and most dangerous female character among all the Avengers. What was expected from him in this film, very little part of it has been seen. She stars Florence Pug in the role of her sister and this is her first Marvel film. Florence has impressed a lot in the character of Elena Belva. His screen presence is also very attractive. Other actors like Rachel Weiss, David Harber, Ray Winston, etc. have done their part well.

Such a weak film was not expected from Marvel Films and especially in the Avengers series. The way of showing the story looks like a very flat road, there are no ups and downs. Villains are always strong in Avengers, be it Loki, Ultron or the biggest Thanos. This time both Drakov (Ray Winston) and his daughter Antonio Drakov aka Task Master (Olga Kurilenko), weren’t strong enough. We’ve seen Olga do a good job in the James Bond movie “Quantum of Solace” so disappointed. The fight between Natasha and her sister Yelena was so fake that the audience would get bored. The action was also simple, did not feel the thrill even for a moment. In the films of Avengers, there is a big fight at the end but that too was so simple that it was not fun.

Actually Black Widow was first being made by Lionsgate Studios and David Hayter was to direct that too in 2004. For some reason the film could not be made and in 2006 all rights were returned to Marvel Studios. Then in 2010, Scarlett Johansson took the form of Black Widow with Ironman 2 and is now seen as a solo heroine in 24 films in Marvel’s Avengers series. Since it was released in theaters and Disney+ OTT simultaneously, Scarlett sued Disney Studios (distributor of Black Widow).

Black Widow can only watch because fans of Marvel Comics. Don’t expect anything from Scarlett Johnson and not at all from the film. Although the film has earned a lot at the box office and has emerged as the 5th biggest film of 2021 but there is nothing special to watch in the film. Unlike other Avengers films, it did not show any features of the past and the future and there are no indications in the film as to what will happen next as Marvel fans keep searching for a clue every time. Even if you don’t see it, it will work.

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