Black Space Review: A web series with limitless possibilities was defeated due to speed

Black Space Review: A few weeks ago the bloody conflict between Palestine and Israel emerged as a battle for survival for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel’s tough steps and a befitting reply to terrorism also backfired. Many great films and web series from this Israel have been serving new types of content to the audience for the past few years, such as – Fauda, ​​Mossad 101, Tehran, The Looming Tower etc. An Israeli web series is in discussion on Netflix ‘Black Space’. When the American practice of firing after entering the school reaches the school in Israel, how the entire administration is shaken, this is the origin story of this web series.

In societies where the family has lost its importance, and there is a silent distance between parents and children, it is very easy for children to take the wrong path. These children do not have any development on the level of emotions, nor are they intellectually strong enough to understand and deal with sorrows and problems properly. In America, it often happens that a brazen gunman, entering a school, opens fire indiscriminately. Some people are killed and then the police come and pile up that criminal. On investigation, it is found that the mental balance of this attacker is disturbed due to his childhood. Such a person, lives among us, lives with us, but we still do not pay attention to this imbalance of his.

Rami Devidi (Guri Alfie) is a cynical cop who likes to solve every case in his own way. His wife is pregnant and one eye is damaged, so the doctor asks for a new acrylic eye. At the Heritage High School in the city, 4 criminals wear unicorn masks on their heads and enter the assembly and open indiscriminate fire. Because of this some students die and some get injured. Rami is a student of this school so he comes and starts investigation.

The first suspicion goes to Palestinian workers and they are arrested. As no evidence is found, Rami suspects that the bullets were fired by the students of the school. The story after this is very long. There are moments of adventure in between, but due to the slower than average speed, the story seems to be dragging after the 4th episode. There is an app called Black Space on which school students do intelligence chatting and video sharing about this crime, and Rami somehow tries to solve the mystery by becoming a part of this group chat. Will he be able to solve this story, for this, 4 more episodes have been put in. Some special things related to this series. The series is made on a very good subject. Although the incident of shooting in the school does not happen in our country, but some criminal acts happening in the school nowadays are also accounted for in it. Drugs are a very common thing but in this open sale of banned drugs is a big topic. The habit of drinking alcohol, cigarettes and partying at the intelligence bases of this generation, which spends life in front of the computer screen, has been put into the story in a very accurate way.

The series is in full English, so the effect of abuses is less. On the other hand, how the police, hiding from the law, interrogates almost adult boys and tries to get the truth out, it is shown in a very strange way in the story. The apathy of the parents of the suspicious children towards them is a bit disturbing. At one point, the mayor of the city expresses his desire to hug his son, but his son rebukes him. A thoughtful moment, where the distance between father and son is explained with a single dialogue. The thing that is going to be noticed again and again in this story is the breaking up of families, parents getting away from their children. The director shows the dead child’s mother trying to destroy the evidence against her son in a shootout, but instead of making an impact, the moment goes to prove Rami’s theory right.

In the series, attention has been drawn to mental health in a very unexpected way. Rami’s passion for work is born out of an incident from his childhood and is shown to be filled with resentment for the same reason. If the girls of today’s generation have to sleep with someone to get their work done, then they do not miss, this thing comes to the fore again and again in this story. Every character has some secrets which are seen from time to time in the story. Instead of justifying someone right or wrong, the director presents their secrets in a very delicate way. Like in European cinema, every scene is a sign of something bigger. The habit of the characters gives a statement of their character, but the reason for their such habits remains hidden.

Director Ophir Lobel has great experience and, along with writers Anat Gafni and Sahar Shavit, has tried to give a new style to this thriller but the way the story unfolds after the first episode and till the fourth episode, interest is lost. It turns out, looks like there was no need to put a lot of characters in it. Rami’s pregnant wife who is troubled by Rami’s passion for work, a police chief, a female policeman who works with Rami and Rami has a short affair with her, many students and a story connecting them all, Series Makes it boring. The main thing is heard from the mouth of the principal of the school, but by then the series has become too long. The reason why students justify this criminal incident, that reason seems very weak. The story also includes a small sample of the hatred of the police and system towards the refugees of Palestine.

After watching the upcoming series Mossad or Tehran from Israel, the mind remains to watch the slow paced thriller web series. Black space has made a big mistake in this matter. Israel is a very strange but popular kind of country, if you want to understand the mental state of the residents and their revenge behavior, then it has been explained very well in the black space. The thali made by serving little by little everything, despite the taste, gets cumbersome with variety and many dishes. If you like to watch slow-paced thrillers, then you will definitely love Black Space. No gadget juggling, new methods of espionage, no psychological techniques for interrogation have saved this series and this is what keeps the writers and directors apart from the crowd.

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