Black soil is very useful, its coating gives relief from many diseases

Black soil is very useful, its coating gives relief from many diseases

There are many varieties of Soil such as black, red, yellow, alluvial, and laterite soils. It is found in all different areas and all these soils have different properties. If we talk about Black Soil, then it is most fertile and is found in the Malwa plateaus. Black soil is also known as ragur soil, clay soil, cotton soil, or lava soil. It is rich in medicinal values. According to myUpchar, since ancient times, the soil has been used as a natural remedy for many problems.

Black soil is rich in many elements

In Ayurveda, many diseases are treated by applying the earthen coating. The belief behind this is that our body is made up of five elements, one of which is soil. Many of the nutrients in the soil reach our body through grains and help in body development. Similarly, black soil also has its benefits, it has been described as very beneficial for health in Ayurveda.

Excess of iron in black soil

Due to the black soil color is black, it contains more iron content. Iron plays a major role in the process of making blood in the body. In such a situation, for those who are deficient in hemoglobin, treatment of black soil can prove to be beneficial.

Black soil enhances health and beauty

Many types of the malaise of the body can be removed with black soil. It works by absorbing the dirt of the body and cooling it. The elements present in it are also beneficial for the skin.

Eye irritation away

The use of black soil can be beneficial to remove eye irritation. Keep the black soil with clean water on the eyes for some time. After this wash, it ends the burning sensation of the eyes and reaches coolness.

Effective in treating dysentery, diarrhea, menstruation

Black soil can be used in stomach diseases like dysentery, cramps, and diarrhea. In this, tying black soil bandage on the pellet is beneficial. This bandage is also very useful in arthritis. The pain caused at the time of menstruation can also be overcome. Prevention of uterine defects is also a beneficial black strip, but keep in mind that the use of black soil bandage on the pelvis does not always have the same effect in pregnant women. In such a situation, if there is any problem during pregnancy, seek medical treatment.