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Digital Desk, Tokyo. Tokyo Olympics is the talk of the world at this time. As the Olympics is progressing, the things related to it are also coming to the fore. We have brought some love-filled things related to the same Olympics. We will tell you about those Olympic couples who are either married, or engaged or are dating each other. We will tell you about 10 such lovely couples.

1) Atanu Das and Deepika Kumari

Both Deepika Kumari and Atanu Das, who played in the Olympics for India, tied the knot in the last year 2020. Both the countries had high hopes in the Olympics.

2) Megan Rapinoi and Sue Bird

Megan Rapinoe se sincera sobre su compromiso con Sue Bird - AS USA

Both players are from America. Megan Rapinoi is part of the Women’s Soccer team and Sue Bird is part of the Women’s Basketball team. The two met each other at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Both of them are engaged and will soon get married.

3) Tara Davis and Hunter Woodhall


Tara Davis is an American women’s track and field player and Hunter Woodhall, a men’s track and field Paralympic player. They met at the 2017 Simplelot Indoor Games. Where Woodhall won the 400m race and Tara hugged him. Both have been together since then.

4) Laura and Jason Kenny

The Kennys v the record books: Tokyo calls for Team GB's golden couple |  Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 |  The Guardian

Laura and Jason Kenny have tied the knot. The pair of both husband and wife have won 10 gold so far. Both are cyclists.

5) Megan Jones and Celia Quansah

Celia Quansah and Meg Jones - Rugby Journal

Both Megan Jones and Celia Kwansah are the pride of Great Britain. It’s been a long time since they were together. Both are part of the rugby team.

6) Sandy Morris and Tyrone Smith

Silver Medalist ready to take new title ahead of Tokyo Olympics |  KARK

Sandy Morris of America and Tyrone Smith of Bermuda both got married in 2019. Sandy is a women’s track and field athlete, while Tyrone is a long jump athlete.

7) Charlotte Kaslick and Louise Holland

Many players are partners in real life as well as playground, some are married and some are dating, gay and lesbian couples are also involved.  |  In real life with sports

Charlotte Kaslick and Lewis Holland both play for Australia. Sharlock Kaslick is part of the women’s rugby team and Lewis plays for the Holland men’s rugby team. They could not get married last year due to Kovid.

8) Anissa Urtez and Amanda Chidester

Olympic softball players Urtez, Chidester are frenemies on the field, fiancees off of it

Anissa Urtej and Amanda Chidester both play from different countries. Anissa Urtes is from Mexico and Amanda Chidester is part of the American softball team. Both have got engaged. This time both will play each other face to face.

9) Garek Meinhardt and Lee Keeper

Gerek and Lee's Love Inspires the Best in Each Other

Gerek Mainhard is a part of America’s Men’s Fencing and Lee Keeper is part of America’s Women’s Fencing Team. Both are married. Both are encouraging each other in the Tokyo Olympics.

10) Georgia Simerling and Stephanie LaBe

Olympic Village 10 Love Story;  Atanu Das Deepika Kumari |  Tara Davis Hunter Woodhall Partners In Real Life |  Many players are partners in real life along with sports;  someone married

Georgia Simerling is part of the Canadian women’s cycling team and Stephanie LaBe is part of the soccer team. Both are in relationship. This time both are together in the Olympics.


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