Biopic on Bollywood music composer for the first time, this musician will get respect like a hero

-Dinesh Thakur

Musicians are human beings of melodious health. Living in your tune. Those who say everything in tone The melodious history of Hindi cinema on which we are blessed, has been created by the sweat and blood of so many musicians. More than one amazing musician. But like most behind-the-scenes technicians, most musicians did not make the headlines, which were destined for the actors and actresses who shone on the screen. N. Datta (Datta Naik) was one such composer. With the magical tunes of the time, ‘Main moon and stars ki tamanna ki thi’ (Chandrakanta), ‘Beats lage dil strings ki duniya’ (dust flower), ‘Saare jahan se achcha Hindustan hamara’ (siblings), ‘Aurat Evergreen songs such as ‘Give birth to men’ (Sadhana), ‘Wiping Ashk with your eyes, smile if someone talks’ (new path) and ‘Forget can be good who these lovely eyes’ (Dharmaputra) are still humming . There will be very few among the mutters, N. Must have known about Dutta. The world is ready to know about this wonderful musician, with the intention of preparing for his biopic. This will be the first biopic on a Hindi cinema musician.

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I had friendship with Sahir Ludhianvi
Friendship with Sahir Ludhianvi and Raj Khosla, B.R. Chopra, Yash Chopra, Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, etc. Despite the melodious decoration of the films of big filmmakers, N. Dutta was cut off. In his part, B grade films like ‘Bahadur dacoit’, ‘Albela Mastana’ and ‘Miss Hurricane Mail’ were more. In Sanjeev Kumar’s ‘Face Pe Face’ (1981), he has the lyric song, ‘Today, Socha Hai has called you in the thoughts and complain a little on the name of love.’ After this film, N. Datta got away from the film world without complaining about his respect. He moved from the world in 1987 after prolonged anonymity.

Sometimes the wind of luck is soft
N. in films Like Dutta, for many more musicians, ‘the air of luck was sometimes soft, sometimes hot’. In one round, time took him from one moment to another, sitting on the flying carpet. Then came the period when he had to carry the time like a heavy stone. Even during the era, the world forgot them. This is what happened to Anil Viswas, Ghulam Haider, Jaidev, Khayyam, Vasant Desai, Ravi, Salil Chaudhary, etc. Naushad’s name was once considered a guarantee for the success of films. In the last phase his talent was spent in weak films like ‘Guddu’ and ‘Teri Payal Mere Geet’.

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Presale, Michael Jackson and Madonna also biopic
Incidentally, N. Dutta’s biopic is being made at a time when Hollywood is also preparing biopic of some of its big music-stars. His biopic is being made 44 years after the death of Rock and Roll king Elvis Presley under the direction of Badge Luhrmann. Apart from rock star Michael Jackson and pop star Madonna, a biopic is also being prepared for Saline Dion, whose voice of ‘Titanic’ (My Heart Will Go On, Every Night in My Dreams) continues to be popular today.


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