Bihar: How many deaths due to corona in rural areas in last one month ?, data are being collected

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The number of deaths due to corona in the rural areas of Bihar in the last one month is now being submitted on the orders of Patna High Court. But where the Nitish government now claims a reduction in positive matters every day, NDTV correspondent Manish Kumar took stock of the situation in the rural areas. Rural Shiv Mangal Singh says that he had taken treatment but it was not good to get treatment. Two cylinders of oxygen had to be bought for one lakh six thousand. Such a predicament happened.

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In Nalanda, the dead body of the young man was taken from the garbage dump of the municipal corporation for the last rites.

Narrating the story of his brother’s death, Shivamangal Singh of Ghosbar village in Vaishali district said that he lost his 65-year-old brother thirteen days ago. During the Shraddha, his anger towards the system could not be hidden. Seventeen people died in this village in a month, in which Suryadev Chaudhary also lost his 36-year-old brother. They say that nothing could happen for a long time due to their stay in the village.

Suryadev Chaudhary says that the treatment could never be tested properly, could not be tested in time. It is not known that the treatment was delayed. Still the situation is messed up but there are already improvements.

There are primary health centers in the village and after the news of death and increase in the number of positive patients, people started to apply for vaccine but it was closed due to lack of vaccine. On Monday, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar launched a new app for door-to-door investigation so that people who are ill at home can now know, but listen to those who have died in the house due to corona…

7336 new cases of corona virus infection in Bihar, more than 82 thousand active patients

Shivmangal Singh says that India says that the world is going to become a guru. These are gurus who have no oxygen and no beds, who do not have health facilities.

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