Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar | Salman Khan had fun with the contestants of the show; These stars including Farah Khan were also seen

Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar | Salman Khan had fun with the contestants of the show; These stars including Farah Khan were also seen

The weekend episode of the country’s most talked reality show Bigg Boss was full of stars. Salman Khan is not only seen in the weekend episode in the show, but this time Farah Khan also appeared. At the same time, disco king Bappi Lahiri was also seen gracing the show. The host of the show Salman Khan was seen taking a class of contestants who broke the rules inside the house this week. Apart from this, he also had a lot of fun with the contestants.

Let’s know what was special in today’s episode?

Legendary music composer Bappi Lahiri graced the show

‘Disco King’ Bappi Lahiri spends moments of fun with Salman Khan. Salman Khan is seen kissing Bappi Lahiri’s forehead. After which Salman jokingly says that Bappi Da’s name should have been Pappi Da. Celebrating his 50 years in Bollywood, the music legend came with his grandson Swastik Lahiri.

Afsana Khan said – People call me Bappi Da’s daughter

Afsana Khan says that people ask her if I am Bappi Lahiri’s daughter because like Bappi Da, Afsana also wears a lot of gold. She says that she respects Bappi da a lot and feels proud when people call her their daughter.

Vishal Kotian mimics Salman Khan

In the weekend episode, Salman Khan was seen talking to the contestants of the show. Vishal Kotian tells Salman Khan how he mimics him. Tejasswi tells Prakash that she feels that every morning a song played inside the house plays for her. At the same time, Salman Khan talks to Prateek Sajpal on the tempo of his voice.

Afsana Khan taught Shamita Shetty to sing

Salman Khan asked Afsana Khan to teach Shamita Shetty to sing. Afsana Khan is seen teaching them songs by listening to them sing the lyrics of their own songs.

The ‘battery drain task’ begins at home

Host Salman Khan asked the family members to choose the person whose battery got drained. The contestants of the show gave their reasons in turn and explained why they think that the battery of the front has been drained.

Farah Khan’s entry in Bigg Boss 15 house

Farah Khan enters the house to give her take on the show. She reality checks all the contestants for their performance. Farah praises Karan for his planning. Farah cautions Maisha and Ishaan about their romance in the house. Farah takes the name of Vidhi as a contestant to be evicted from home this week, but the very next moment she said that this time it is the occasion of Dussehra so this week no one will be homeless.


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