Big rock fell near those who roam the beach, people screaming after seeing – Shocking Video

Shocking Video: Large chunk of rock fell near sea shore people

On Saturday afternoon, a large part of a cliff (Chunk Of A Cliff Collapsed) fell in the Canary Islands of Spain. A shocking video shows the audience screaming as the rocks were seen falling down and where it fell, many people were standing nearby. According to the Daily Mail, a major emergency was declared on the island of La Gomera amid fears that the camper could be trapped in the debris after a cliff fell. A dramatic scene unfolded at Arragaga beach in the popular resort of Valle Gran Rey and seen by beachgoers.

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Canary Islands president Angel Victor Torres shared a video of the downfall urging people to stay away. Sharing the video, he wrote on Twitter, “Dangerous and prohibited site. Although it seems stable, there are cracks, so there is a risk of recurrence. “In the video it can be seen that a large part of the rock is falling from the top towards the ground. In the footage, the filming person runs away because the rocks fall just a few feet from them.

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This footage has been viewed more than 2.7 lakh times on the microblogging platform, where people described this video as shocking. Canyon Weekly reported that two helicopters, Guardia Civil, local police, Vale Gran Ray firefighters, civil security and AEA (Rescue Service) personnel were deployed to help in the search and rescue after the disaster.

Emergency staff said there were no victims, although some people have not been accounted for and are being tracked.


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