Biden addresses the nation following US withdrawal from Afghanistan: Biden said after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. After the withdrawal of the army from Afghanistan, Biden said – America’s mission was successful

Digital Desk, Washington. US President Joe Biden addressed the nation on Wednesday after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. During this, Joe Biden said that our mission in Afghanistan was successful. He said there was no other option but to leave Kabul. We want to keep America completely safe. Will continue to fight for human rights.

Biden said, we have maintained peace in Afghanistan for 20 years. No one else could have done what we have done. We have expelled those who wanted to leave despite the presence of Taliban. 1 lakh 25 thousand people have been evacuated from there. 100 to 200 US citizens are present there. We will bring any Americans who want to come back.

Biden said that we would like to work closely with the Afghan coalition. Now the Taliban have power in Afghanistan. Thousands of people cannot be sent there now. The land of Afghanistan should not be used for terrorists against us or any other country. We want to keep the world safe. You have seen the situation in Somalia and other countries. He described the exit from Afghanistan as part of the strategy.

At the same time, he said that the military strength of the Taliban is strong there. Our foreign policy should be in the interest of the country, he said. Our core principles should be in line with America. Things should be carried forward in a democratic way.


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