Beware of adulterated things, in these ways identify adulteration in food and drink items

No matter how healthy you are, if you are consuming food adulteration daily, then there is no benefit in your health constriction because this adulterated food will serve as poison for your health. Actually, when we buy food items from the market, seeing them, it cannot be doubted at all that the stuff in our hands is fake. Yes, it is true. These days, there is a lot of adulterated goods in the market, which you cannot easily identify, but if you want to avoid these fake things, then we have many tips. Here we tell you how you can easily identify the adulteration in the kitchen items by bringing it home and can avoid health problems.


To identify the purity of the honey, place a drop of honey between the thumb and finger and try to make wire. If the wire of honey is thick and deposited on the thumb, it is pure. Fake honey is diluted. Because of which in this process it spreads on the fingers.

Wrap cotton on a thin wood and apply honey on it and keep it on the flame of a candle. If the cotton starts burning then the honey will be pure.chilli powder

Put a pinch of red chillies in a bowl filled with water. If the powder floats in water then it is pure, but if it sinks then understand that there is adulteration in it.


To check the purity of packet milk, put one or two drops of milk on a solid substance like stone. If milk gets washed away and white marks are found at that place then the milk is real. If milk is synthetic and urea is added, it will become thick yellow in color.

Add milk and smell it. If the smell of detergent comes from it, it means adulteration.

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Plastic rice has more shine than real rice. Fake rice is the same size, while the size of real rice may vary.

Nakli rice does not cook easily, whereas real rice cooks faster than it smells.

green vegetables

Whenever you buy green vegetables like Peas, Taroi, Spinach, Bathua, Soya Methi, Capsicum, Okra, etc. from the market, leave it in water for a while to identify its purity. If they start leaving green color, then understand that they have adulteration.

coriander powder

To check the genuine fake coriander powder, add a pinch of coriander powder to a glass of water. If the powder floats on top of the water, then the coriander powder is completely adulterated. To avoid adulterated coriander powder, bring dried coriander seeds at home and grind them in a grinder.

tea leaves

Place the tea leaf on a white paper and rub it with this paper. If there is color on the paper, that is, it is completely adulterated. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)


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