Best deal! Your iPhone 13 Pro will be free, offer going on here

Everyone wants to buy an iPhone at some point or the other. The iPhone 13 Pro is one of the latest models. However, iPhones are very expensive, so many people can’t afford it. But what if we tell you that the price of the iPhone 13 Pro has dropped drastically? So little that you can get the iPhone 13 Pro for free. Yes, you heard it right! Let us explain everything in detail…

iPhone 13 Pro is getting here for free
In fact, if you are in the US and are waiting to grab a good deal on iPhone before the festive season, then this is the right time for you. You can get the iPhone 13 Pro on AT&T for free. The iPhone 13 Pro is priced at zero, but the deal will be applicable with trade-in and in addition, buyers will have to opt for an unlimited plan with AT&T.

The 128 GB variant of the iPhone 13 Pro is priced at $ 999.99 (approximately Rs 75,716). However, the great thing is that you can make the iPhone 13 Pro your own without paying anything. According to the information given on, new and existing customers can get up to $ 1000 off on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Note that there is a limited period offer. So if you are planning to buy iPhone 13 Pro and that too for free then here are the things you need to know:

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You have to do all these things:

1. You must purchase an eligible smartphone on a qualifying installation agreement, which includes the full retail price and $30 activation/upgrade fee.

2. Keep postpaid unlimited voice and data wireless service active (minimum $75 per month for new customers after discount). AT&T may temporarily slow down data speeds if the network is busy.

3. Trade-in an eligible smartphone in good working condition within 30 days of activation.

Then you will get:

1. Smartphones with a trade-in value of minimum $290 or more to credit up to $1000 in bills.

2. Smartphone with a trade-in value of minimum $95 plus up to $800 credited on the bill.

3. Smartphone with a trade-in value of minimum $35 plus a credit of up to $350 on the bill.

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Here are some important details you need to know about getting the iPhone 13 Pro for free:

1. As per the information provided by, the credit starts within 3 bills after the trade-in is completed and will be applied in equal amounts over the period of the Installment Agreement. You will receive catch-up credits once bill credits begin. The credit shall not exceed the lesser cost of the device or the maximum credit amount as stated above.

2. If you cancel wireless service, your credits will expire and you will have to pay the balance amount on the Installment Agreement for the equipment purchased.

3. For new lines, if you cancel service on another line in your account within 90 days of activating the line under this offer, the device credit will be forfeited.

4. If purchasing AT&T Installment plans with Next Up, Customer is responsible and will not receive any credit for an additional $5 per month Next Up upgrade feature.


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