Benefits of Multigrain Flour: Know the benefits of multigrain flour, which are beneficial for your health

Benefits of Multigrain Flour: Multigrain flour is called that flour which is made up of different types of grains. Multigrain flour is made by mixing gram, rice, jowar, bajra, maize, barley, soybean, spleen, fenugreek, linseed etc. It is very beneficial for the body.

New Delhi. Benefits of Multigrain Flour: In today’s time, diseases are increasing. In such a situation, to keep yourself healthy, you have to take care of yourself. Multigrain flour is considered to be many times more healthy and nutritious than ordinary flour. Multigrain Atta contains different types of grains which make this flour very nutritious. While making flour from wheat, by mixing all kinds of nutritious grains in it, that flour becomes multigrain flour which is now more nutritious than before. It is very beneficial for the body. This flour is available in the market at expensive prices, so many people are not able to buy it, but if you want, you can prepare multigrain flour at home also. Roti made from multigrain flour is also beneficial in various types of diseases. Let us know about the benefits of eating multigrain flour.

Benefits of eating multigrain flour

  • People suffering from obesity can also benefit from wheat flour mixed with flour of different types of cereals like gram, millet etc. and it helps in reducing weight.
  • Multigrain flour is also very beneficial for children. Children grow quickly and for this they need more nutrients, which they get completely through multi grain flour. Prepare flour by mixing gram, barley, soybean etc. in wheat flour and make children consume it.
  • If you want to get rid of leanness, then prepare multigrain flour in this way – put one kg gram, one kg barley, 500 grams soybean, one kg rice flour in five kg wheat and grind it. Using this flour will help you to gain weight.
  • If you want to increase immunity, then you can consume multigrain flour daily. It is considered more effective and nutritious than normal wheat flour. Multigrain flour rotis are effective in increasing the immunity in your body. Eating it does not feel weakness and the body remains active.
  • Multigrain flour is also very helpful in reducing diseases like diabetes. Those who have diabetes prepare multigrain flour in this way – in five kg wheat, add 1.5 kg gram, 500 grams barley, 50 grams fenugreek, 50 grams cinnamon and grind it.


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