Bannerghatta Review: Story of Bannerghatta movie moves beyond phone calls

Bannerghatta Review: How is it that the entire film is based on three or four hours of events and there is a Maruti Omni van with the hero driver and the story of the whole film is completed by the calls made on his phone and the calls made from his phone. Could you? Sounds a bit difficult, but the Malayalam film Bannerghatta, released on Amazon Prime Video, has made this impossible possible. The film is made solid. Aashiq (Karthik Ramakrishnan), a driver who bought a Maruti van for himself with borrowed money, is carrying a packet hidden in his car. At the beginning of the film, he keeps getting many calls. Sometimes his friend, sometimes his irritable wife, sometimes the owner of the packet.

Aashiq is driving the car while answering everyone. His mother calls and says that Aashiq’s sister has gone to Bangalore for interview, but now she is not able to talk to him. After a long time, Aashiq talks to his sister on the phone, then from the voices coming on the phone itself, he comes to know that his sister has been kidnapped. Aashiq calls his friends, acquaintances, wife’s friend, sister’s friend and asks everyone to find out about the sister. In the midst of many phone calls, his van breaks down at one point. A police car arrives at night and they suspect Aashiq’s behavior. During a search of the vehicle, the packet is found, Aashiq’s phone has been confiscated by the police, so he does not have any idea about his sister. At one point, he gets irritated, pushes the police, kills them and snatches his phone and gets the latest information about his sister.

It’s a short story. Gokul Ramakrishnan and Arjun Prabhakaran have written together. Even before this, he has written together a film named “Batisam Adhyayam Teesam Vaakam”, which was a very unique film. Both of them also directed that film. Banharghatta is directed by Vishnu Narayanan. Before this, Vishnu used to work with Gokul and Arjun as their assistants. This is his first feature film. The editing of the film is done by Parikshit, whose first film is also this. Binu, who made his first film as a cinematographer, has done a good job in Banharghatta. The scenes of the dark and moving van are well kept in harmony.

In the role of Aashiq, Karthik should start learning acting. Acts very emotionless. Many times they also try unsuccessfully to bring helplessness on the face. They are careless about money and are ready to do any opposite work to earn money, but there is no expression on their face. He is neither stupid nor clever. When the film starts, it seems that it will be the story of a road trip. Then it seems that there will be a story of a man running away from his wife and son. Then it seems that there will be a story of a person running away with money.

All this is still fine, but suddenly as soon as the story of the kidnapping of the sister comes to the fore, the pace of the whole film changes and the audience gets confused. After the arrival of the police, a little thrill starts coming in the pace of the film and only then the film ends. The constantly changing track of the film does not connect with the story and neither does the hero have any sympathy. Hero’s acting in front of the police looks very impractical. If your sister is kidnapped, you will explain to the police and ask permission to attend the phone, but the hero does not try to explain and the police does not try to understand.

The good thing about the film is that the entire action in the story is shown through phone calls. This is a new type of experiment. The film never even goes to the sister and neither shows her kidnapping. The film is a must watch if you don’t prioritize acting and try to understand the sequence of phone calls.

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