Balochistan personnel ordered to set ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ as caller tune

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Balochistan personnel ordered to set ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ as caller tune

Islamabad: Balochistan In a strange move, the government has asked senior officials of the province to set ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ as the ring-back tone (also known as caller tune) on their cell phones. According to the news of Sama TV, the notification issued by the Service and General Administration Department of Balochistan states that this rule applies to administrative secretaries, additional secretaries and deputy secretaries as well as heads of all government departments.

The decision was taken in a meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary of Balochistan. The divisional and deputy commissioners have also been informed. The notification explains how to set caller tune for all mobile carriers. ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ is a song by singer/music director Sahir Ali Bagga. The song was produced in association with Inter Services Public Relations and released on ISPR’s YouTube channel on March 23, 2019.

As per Dawn’s report, the notification does not give any reason for the move, but it does explain the process of changing the ringback tone for officials using different mobile networks. Meanwhile, the move raised eyebrows among social media users, who expressed surprise over the government’s directive. Journalist Mubashir Zaidi questioned, “Why are we not sure that the Baloch brothers are more patriotic than us.”

The report said that secretaries of all departments, additional secretaries, deputy secretaries and heads of other concerned departments are required to strictly follow the decision. Additional Secretaries have also been directed to ensure that their subordinates also implement the same ringback tone on their mobile phone numbers.

The order said, “The Government of Balochistan, Department of Science and Information Technology, has conveyed that in pursuance of the decision taken to set up mobile ring-back tone ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ in a meeting chaired by the eligible Chief Secretary, the administrative Set this on the contact numbers of the secretary, additional secretary and deputy secretary and the heads of the departments concerned.


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