Bad effect on the earth due to excessive washing of clothes, know from experts – in how many days dirty clothes should be washed

Everyone likes to wear clean clothes. By wearing clean clothes, while diseases can be avoided, on the other hand, there is no embarrassment among people. But experts have recently made such a shocking disclosure that you will be surprised to know. Experts have claimed that if the earth is to be saved from destruction, then wearing Dirty Clothes to Save Earth would be the right decision.

Washing machine has a bad effect on the environment
Yes, you read it right. So let us tell you why the experts have said this. In fact, experts of the Society of Chemical Industry say that washing machine clothes cause a lot of damage to the earth. According to him, since the use of washing machines has increased, the environment has started having a bad impact on the washing machine. Using a washing machine once, we release more than 7 lakh microscopic plastic fibers into the environment. This plastic fiber comes out of the clothes, which goes through the drains to the river, canals and has a bad effect on the aquatic life.

In how many days should dirty clothes be washed?
On this basis, experts have told the time to wash the clothes, following which we can also save the environment and prevent the clothes from getting spoiled too soon. Experts have released a report according to which jeans should be washed only once in a month, while trousers or jumpers should be washed once in 15 days. Trousers can be washed once a week. It has been told in the report that gym clothes and underwear should be washed daily, but those clothes should be washed by hand instead of washing machine. Experts said that women’s tops should be washed after wearing them 5 times, dressage should be washed after wearing 4 to 6 times and women’s bras should be washed once a week. Orsola de Castro, co-founder of the Sustainable Clothing Group, said that earlier when there was no washing machine, people used to have a lot of problem in washing clothes, due to which people used to wash less clothes then.

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