Back and shoulder pain remain troubled, so never do such things

People do not usually take back and shoulder pain in a run-of-the-mill life more seriously. But according to doctors, ignoring this pain in the initial phase can cause great problems with increasing age. Doctors blame the tendency to work for hours at a time on the computer and bad lifestyle. According to Medical News Today, sitting and sleeping in a bad posture also increases the problem of back and shoulder pain. Due to lack of active life style and working for hours in office, this problem has increased rapidly among the youth these days.

How to understand back and shoulder pain

Lower back pain

If there is pain in the lower back, it is called lumbar or coccidinia (tailbone or sacral pain). It affects the backbone and surrounding areas such as the buttock, upper thigh, and groin areas. The pain here affects people the most.Pain in the middle of the back

It is a pain in the area between the cervical and lumbar region which is known as thoracic pain. This is also a common pain.

Upper back pain

Pain in the upper back ie cervical region. It is a pain in the neck and shoulder area due to slouching, sleeping and incorrect posture while sitting. Ignoring it can be fatal later.

Remove pain like this

1. Stretching and exercising

If you have constant pain in your back and shoulders, then you must include stretching and exercise in your life style. If you have pain, you can do stretching like Cobra pose, Cao pose, Child pose. Apart from this, walk, jogging, PT exercises must be included in your life. This will remove the stiffness of your issues and you will feel relaxed in a few days.
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2. Use pen relief cream

Pain relief cream contains menthol ingredients which gives cooling effect on the painful area. Not only this, the capsaicin component helps in providing instant relief in pain.

3. Change the footwear

Many times there are complaints of neck, back and shoulder pain due to wearing the wrong footwear. If you use those shoes, then it is comfortable to wear and keeps your posture right. Both high heels and absolutely flat shoes can affect your back. You can consult a doctor to find out what is the right shoe for your feet.

4. Make changes in the work area

If you are doing a home office and are constantly working in bed, bending or lying down, then you need to be careful. Due to working for hours in the wrong posture, you can come in the grip of many serious diseases. Whenever working on a laptop, work only by sitting upright on a table chair of the right height and keep moving while moving in between.

5. Include vitamin D and calcium in food

Be sure to include vitamin D and calcium in your diet. Consumption of milk, curd, eggs, etc. will keep your bones strong, they will also heal them if there is any internal problem. You can also take vitamin D and calcium supplements at the doctor’s opinion.

6. Use heating and cold pads

To get rid of pain, you can apply a compress on the pain area with a heating pad and a cold pad. This will reduce the stiffness of the muscles near you and cause bone relaxations. You will feel better than before.
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7. Keep the stress away

According to Medical News Today, if you are in a long-term stress, then it also affects your issues. Stress can cause pain in your back and shoulder area. You can use stress relief techniques to remove stress. For this, you should include yoga, meditation etc. in your lifestyle.

8. Have a sound sleep

According to a study, lack of sleep also sometimes causes severe muscle pain. For this, before sleeping, make sure that your bed is comfortable and that the pillow is not too high. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it is necessary to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep because in the absence of sleep, our problems also do not relax and these pain becomes unbearable.


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