Babita Phogat Birthday: know the secret of Babita Phogat’s fitness, she indulges in diet

Babita Phogat Birthday: She likes homemade food.

Babita Phogat Birthday: Babita Phogat is celebrating her birthday today. She is an Indian female wrestler. The secret of his fitness is exercise, self-discipline and balanced diet.

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  • Last Updated:November 20, 2020, 10:14 AM IST

Babita Phogat Birthday: Babita Phogat is celebrating her birthday today. She is an Indian female wrestler. Through his brilliant game, he won many medals. The film ‘Dangal’ was based on the life of Babita and her sister. Babita raised the value of the country by winning a silver medal in the Commonwealth Games held in New Delhi. At the same time, she was successful in winning the gold medal at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Apart from this, there are many other honors too. He got his father’s full support for this brilliant performance. At the same time, his hard work also helped him reach this point.

His amazing fitness contributed to his outstanding performance. Today some secret of this fitness is being brought to the fore. He talked many times about his fitness, exercise, self-discipline and diet. According to a report published in HT, the secret of her fitness is that she makes homemade food and regular exercise is included in her routine.

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Maintains distance from junk foodShe mostly likes to eat homemade food. Apart from this, she maintains a distance from junk food to maintain her fitness. Also she does not drink tea or coffee. At the same time, it also keeps distance from eating. The day of Babita Phogat begins with banana, apple and fresh carrot and pomegranate juice. After the workout, she takes a special drink made of soaked almonds. She drinks sufficient amount of water throughout the day, so that there is no shortage of water in the body. She also eats dry fruit as a snack. She takes desi ghee every day for her fitness. At the same time, drinking at least one liter of milk in a day is included in their diet. Apart from this, she also takes eggs and chicken during her travels abroad. However, she mostly prefers to eat vegetarian food, which consists of lentils, curd, vegetables and roti.

Music is also important with balanced diet
While a balanced diet is the secret of their fitness, exercise and training for about five hours a day also play an important role in maintaining their fitness. Apart from this, she practices wrestling in the evening. After 6 days of rigorous exercise, she relaxes completely on Sunday. So that the body can remain completely healthy.

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Concentration and meditation are important for a wrestler and it requires a clear and calm mind. For this she likes to listen to Haryanvi and Punjabi music. Apart from this, she chants Om, which helps her to remain calm and focused on her goals.

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