Avoid These Mistakes: Never Make These Mistakes When Measuring Blood Sugar to Get Accurate Results

Avoid These Mistakes: Using the same finger over and over again every day is one of the most common mistakes made while checking blood sugar levels.

New Delhi. It is very important for a person suffering from diabetes to keep his blood sugar level under control. Because if it goes unchecked, it can negatively affect different parts of your body. A diabetic patient should regularly check the blood sugar level in his body, so that his diet and lifestyle can be improved. But many times people make some common mistakes in measuring blood sugar at home by glucometer, due to which accurate results are not available. So let’s know about some common mistakes…

  • It is often seen that people use the same needle multiple times to measure blood sugar level. But let us tell you that repeated use to avoid changing the needle for a long period can be dangerous. Because this habit of yours can increase the chances of infection manifold. It is better to throw away the needle after a prick.


  • People who measure their blood sugar level soon after a meal may not get accurate results either. Because if you check your blood sugar immediately after eating, it can always come up high. So make sure not to check blood sugar level immediately after eating breakfast, meal or any heavy food item. You should check your blood sugar level only after two to three hours of eating.


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  • Using the same finger every day and repeatedly is one of the most common mistakes made while checking blood sugar levels. Let us tell you that doing this can cause pain in your finger or even a minor injury. So keep in mind that instead of testing with a single finger, keep changing fingers to check the blood sugar level.


  • Some people check their blood sugar level at any time throughout the day as per their wish. But the time of day can be ideal for checking blood sugar levels to get accurate results. Because with the change of time, many environmental and physical changes also happen. Therefore, time can also have an effect on blood sugar readings.


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