Australians moving away from cities to rural life – Australians moving away from cities to rural life – Survey | Australians moving away from cities to rural life

Digital Desk, Canberra. A survey revealed that Australians are moving away from the country’s big cities. And adopting rural life.

People from cities are setting up houses in rural areas. In which there is an increase of 11 percent.

The migration has been most notable in the country’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, both of which have had the longest Covid-19 lockdowns.

Explaining the demographic switch, Grant Cairns, senior CBA executive and RAI council member, said that, with the increase in flexible work options as well as the continued rise in home prices in capital cities, regionals are becoming more realistic options. .

Cairns said the lockdown experience for Victorians is yet to come. It is positive to see that infrastructure development, especially in regional areas, is increasing to meet the growing demand.

Cairns noted that large regional cities, such as Geelong in Victoria, are undergoing major construction projects and industrial development, including new offices, hotels and education facilities.

RAI Chief Economist Kim Houghton said that from the data we can see that the number of regional residents choosing to live has increased.



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