AUS OPEN 2021: Australia tightens Corona protocol after four positive cases

The 47 players who arrived in Melbourne by two special aircraft for the Australian Open Tennis tournament have been sent to a tight quarantine as four cases of corona virus have been found positive in these flights. Some players were also angry that they were placed in the ‘close contact’ category due to their presence on the flight with positive attendants, which would require them to be in strict quarantine compared to other players. Other players will be allowed to leave their rooms for five hours of practice each day while this will not happen to players with close contact and will not be able to exit the rooms.

Local health officials said that all the players have already been warned about the risks. And players have also been warned about breaking these rules. If the quarantine rules are violated, they will be sent to a more secure quarantine complex with heavy fines where police will be stationed outside the doors of their hotel rooms.

Due to Corona, the player celebrated the celebration in private, showing the fun

Three positive cases were announced on Saturday and Victoria’s Kovid-19 Quarantine Commissioner Emma Kasar said in a press conference on Sunday that a fourth positive case had also come to light. No players have been found positive so far.

A crew member, a coach and a member of the TV broadcast team were found positive on a flight to Los Angeles. Another case is that of a coach coming positive from Abu Dhabi. The organizers of the tournament said that these cases have been found in a flight that arrived here from Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi.

Officials said three cases of Kovid-19 were found in a special aircraft from Los Angeles. A case was found in an aircraft arriving here from Abu Dhabi. All four were found to be negative in the investigation before taking flight to Australia.

All four are housed in the hotel. Canadian star player Bianca Andriscu coach Sylvain Bruniu has said that he was found positive for the Kovid-19 when he arrived here from Abu Dhabi. He said that the test results of other members of my team have come negative.

  • Two-time Open champion Victoria Azarenka and 2014 US Open runner-up Kei Nishikori were on the flight to Los Angeles. Earlier, officials said that all passengers arriving from Los Angeles have been sent to the hotel for 14 days on rigorous quarantines. Tennis Australia confirmed that there were 24 players on board the flight from Los Angeles and 23 on the plane from Abu Dhabi.

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