Atrangi Re Review: In ‘Atrangi Re’, the conflict in the story has done injustice.

Review: By the way, now it would be fair to assume that there is no novelty in Akshay Kumar’s acting because he is now seen giving discourses or fluttering speeches of nationalism. It should also be accepted that Sara Ali Khan has 3-4 expressions of Gin and that too cannot be remembered because she gave birth to the meme ‘You have started bothering me’ in Love Aaj Kal 2 and then stuck there. And this is when these directors often give better roles to heroines in their films. It doesn’t hurt to assume that when director Aanand L Rai listened to the hero while making the film, his film proved to be zero and in the end it would be fair to assume that ‘Atrangi Re’ made as much noise. Gaya, the atmosphere was created, the film is equally badrangi re. Now for how long will the bow alone continue to become the kundan of Ranjhana, when this time there is no joke on its part. If you do not watch the film ‘Atrangi Re’ released on Disney + Hot Star, then nothing will go and if you see it, you will get disappointed.

Dhanush leaves Tamil Nadu and goes to Bihar for medical internship and there the groom becomes a victim of Pakda ie Pakdua marriage. But the funny thing is, he has already seen Sara and he likes her too. There is one more person in Sara’s life whom she loves- Akshay Kumar. Married to Dhanush and love to Akshay. Looks like there will be some issue like ‘Woh Saat Din’ or ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’. But this turns out to be something else. Whoever comes out makes him beat his head. Now Dhanush is a doctor, so he will also treat Sara. But this is not an ‘anand’ or a ‘mili’ where the main character suffers a life-threatening illness. This is a disease of playing with the mind of the audience, which writer Himanshu Sharma and director Anand Rai have given for free.

Dhanush’s talent should not be questioned, but this time he has not understood the role, otherwise he would not have done such a strange film. The character of Dhanush in Raanjhanaa was beautifully written. By saying ‘Patak ke maarenge’, he also fulfilled the responsibility of being a Banarasi londe. In the new film, he has become a Tamil who sticks two or four dialogues in Tamil. One sided type of love and doing things like giving 500-500 rupees to around 100-150 people for clapping at Taj Mahal, doing a fake operation and bringing fake procession. In some way, the characters do not seem believable, while their strength lies in the fact that they make the character believable.

It is difficult to say what kind of films Sara Ali Khan should do because no image of her is being made. He has a lot of expectations from this film which will not be fulfilled. Her role is good but she is unable to add anything to this role from her side. A stunned face at the time of romance, a strange smile at the time of crying, fakeness in an emotional scene – these are the specialty of Sara. Sara has danced well. In the song ‘Chakachak’, she is seen dancing like a Tamil film actress. Akshay Kumar’s condition has now become like Amitabh of the 90s. You can predict everything. His acting, his reaction and his expression. It doesn’t seem like Akshay has put in some hard work. Nothing with patriotism has come, so Hindu Muslim love jihad has been put in the film.

The film’s writer Himanshu Sharma and director Aanand L Rai have to be praised for choosing a sensitive subject. It is a difficult subject but there is no credibility in the way of showing it. This is a love triangle. But we have not seen such a love triangle before. We have seen many types of love triangles in Yash Chopra’s films. Be it Kabhi Kabhie or Silsila or Chandni, he presented a new perspective. The approach of this film is also for the first time in Hindi films, but because of this, the story tries unsuccessfully to unite. Himanshu and Anand have a good understanding of comedy but in this film they are not able to be born through the situation. There is a procession in this film which happens in every film of Anand.

Dhanush is a doctor and his friends are psychiatrists and the manner in which both of them treat. Looking at it, it seems that mental health will always be considered a joke in our country. Love is the solution to all the problems of the world, but for the disease that is there, the diagnosis should be correct and the subject is talked about so lightly in the film that one gets angry. You cannot cure a mental condition like dissociative disorder or paracosm by giving one pill. You just can’t get rid of it. In the endeavor of comedy, everything has become a joke. Sara’s character can never decide what to do. She is happy in every situation, just she has to run away from her grandmother’s beating. The portrayal of trauma in such a superficial manner, in view of the increasing mental health cases in India, hurts. The weakness of the story has been made because the scenes between Dhanush and Sara had to be kept light. One can understand sedatives in forced marriage, but do not let the groom think anything else with the laughing gas, it is strange.

It is good that Anand has written at the end of the film that ‘A film by AR Rahman’ because the best music in the film is Rahman’s music. Either Rehman or Pritam can do justice to the words written by Irshad Kamil and this has been proved once again in this film. Chakachak is like an item number but the rest of the song has very deep meanings. Toofan si kudi, Arijit’s you love, your colors are amazing and Daler Mehndi’s sung Garda is absolutely stormy. The most different songs are Reet Zara Si and Little Little. The choreographer of the songs is Vijay Ganguly who has got Sara Ali Khan to dance amazingly in the song Chakachak. Garda filmed on Akshay is definitely choreographed by Ganesh Acharya. A new tradition has been started in this film, all the important persons of the film like Rahman, Cinematographer Pankaj Kumar, Lyricist Irshad Kamil, Writer Himanshu Sharma, Editor Hemal Kothari, Production Designer Nitin Choudhary all have ‘A Film Bye’ in their names and credits. ‘ are given with .

In this suspenseful tale of relationships, the way the basic theme has been taken superficially, it will be heavy on this film. If the film is on OTT then people will see it, but after watching the film, no one will remember anything except the songs and to some extent Dhanush’s role. The colorful Atrangi Re makes a little discoloration.

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