Arjun Kapoor made an emotional post in memory of his mother, said – it’s been 9 years … come back mom

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor is very close to his family. The most close was from his mother Mona Shourie Kapoor, whom he lost 9 years ago. On Thursday, Arjun Kapoor appeared to be extremely emotional on his mother’s death anniversary. He has shared a very emotional post on his social media account. In this post, Arjun has shared a special picture of his mother and in this caption, he has said in the caption how much he misses his mother. After reading this post of Arjun, his fans were also seen to be emotional.

Arjun Kapoor shared a smiling picture of his mother on his Instagram account. Along with this, he wrote in the caption – ‘It’s been 9 years, it’s not right, I miss you mother please come back … I miss you worrying for me, worrying about me, I miss I am your name on my phone when you used to call me, I miss you coming home and seeing you … Mother I miss your laughter, I miss your smell, I miss calling you Arjun, your voice Resounds in my ears’.

He further wrote- ‘Mom, I really miss you. I hope you are good wherever you are. I’m trying to be okay. Many days I manage but I miss you … come back, don’t you? ‘. On this post of Arjun, along with the fans, members of the Kapoor family and many celebrities have remembered Mona Shourie Kapoor through comments. Everyone is reminding Arjun that his mother is always with him.


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