Are you not taking the stress of others on yourself? identify as

Signs Of Secondhand Stress: It is impossible to be stress free in today’s era. Be it family, school or office, stress is everywhere. There are some people who know how to manage their emotions and stress very well, but there are many people who are worried for twenty-four hours and seven days due to tension. Not only this, there are many people who start living the stress of others as their own and live in stress without any reason. They neither know the reason for this stress nor the reason to overcome it. If you are also finding yourself in such a situation in a run-of-the-mill life, then be alert because this stress is unnecessary and incurable. Here we are telling you how to understand that you are not facing the stress of others. Here are some symptoms, with the help of which you will be able to understand how much stress of others is dominating you.

If there are such symptoms then be alert

1. Not knowing the cause of stress

If you are under stress for no reason and have started getting lost in some thought all the time, then it may be that you are getting troubled by the problems of others. This can be considered a sign of second hand stress.

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2. Being in a hurry all the time

Such a situation is seen a lot in the office when the pressure of the boss starts falling on the employee. To reduce his stress, the boss takes out on the people working under him and scolds unnecessarily. In such a situation, you start living in a hurry all the time. If this is happening then you understand that you are taking the stress of the boss on yourself.

3. Being influenced by the words of pessimists

Many times we meet a person who talks very disappointing things and gives negative thoughts to everyone, then it is also possible that you get into his words and his stress and negative thoughts dominate you. When this happens, understand that you are becoming a victim of someone else’s stress.

Do this work to save

Keep distance from people with negative thinking and whenever someone cries about their situation, console them, lest you start imagining yourself in the same situation. Convince yourself that this is the stress of others, not yours.

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