Are you also troubled by the changing mood from moment to moment? How to control ‘mood swing’

Permanent Freedom From Mood Swing: Many times it happens that we become happy in a moment and in no time feel surrounded by anger, annoyance and outright sadness. Such a situation is called Mood Swing. This problem can happen to anyone. But it is usually seen more in women during periods, during pregnancy, menopause etc. Usually we do not take this problem seriously and its effect seems to be on our personal relationships. Not only this, its effect also starts showing on our work and office performance. In such a situation, if you too have started over reacting to something, then we tell you the solution here to overcome this problem.

Don’t take mood swings lightly

According to health shots, if the mood swings are happening soon then it is not normal. In such a situation, Dr. Shailesh Jain, Principal Consultant, Neuro Sciences at Shalimar Bagh Max Hospital told that if there is a frequent mood swing, then in medical term it is considered as a biological disorder. In such a situation, people should take the help of their friends or family.

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mood swing symptoms

Feeling tired, Inability to sleep, Extremely irritable nature, Anger, Extremely unhappy, Lack of interest in work, Loss of confidence, Extreme hunger, Irregular periods, Breathing problems.

How to control mood swing

1.Healthy Diet

Your diet should contain all the nutrients that you need. You should consume less junk food]as well as not eat more salty or more sweet and spicy food. Eat plenty of fruits and green vegetables.

2. Do Exercise

If you do regular yoga, meditation and exercise, then it will be easier to keep your hormone balance better. By doing this your mood will also be fine.

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3. Get enough sleep

8 hours of sleep is a must for everyone. In such a situation, wake up early in the night and wake up in the morning. Do not sleep with the lights on at night. If you will get better sleep then you will also feel happy and your good hormone ‘endorphins’ will also be balanced.

4. Plenty of Water Required

Everyone should drink at least 2 liters of water a day. If your body remains hydrated then you will be able to cure any kind of problems in a better way.

5.Stay in a Positive Atmosphere

You protect yourself from any kind of negativity and stay with positive thinking people. With this you will be able to keep yourself happy.

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