Anushka Sharma did her head in the third quarter of pregnancy, know from the doctor whether you should do it or not

Anushka Sharma, wife of Bollywood actress and Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli, is currently in the third quarter of her pregnancy and it is being told that she can give birth in January 2021. During her entire pregnancy, Anushka shared many of her photos and posts on social media, but the most viral picture of pregnant Anushka is getting viral these days is doing headstand yoga (Sirsasana). In the third and last trimester of pregnancy, Anushka Sharma is seen doing headstand yoga with head down and feet up.

Sharing her picture, Anushka wrote that under the advice of a doctor and under the supervision of a yoga expert, she is able to easily do all the yoga exercises she has been doing since pregnancy. After seeing this picture of Anushka, everyone is praising her. But should other pregnant women also do this kind of inversion. What are the benefits of yoga during pregnancy? To know the answers to all such questions, we spoke to Dr. Archana Nirula, a gynecologist associated with my treatment.

Benefits of yoga in pregnancyBy the way, yoga is considered beneficial during pregnancy because the process of breathing in yoga provides more oxygen to the body which is very important during pregnancy. Also, after doing yoga, the baby born in the womb also gets the benefit of oxygen-rich blood. Despite this, pregnant women should exercise restraint while doing certain poses of yoga asana, especially while doing inversion poses or else the child may be at risk of harm.

Doing yoga before you conceive, only then do yoga in pregnancy
According to Dr. Archana, if a pregnant woman has been practicing yoga before conception and she has a better practice of different postures and poses of yoga, then she can also do yoga during pregnancy as an exercise and workout. And can also practice yoga inversion pose like headstand. However, there are some yogasanas that pregnant women should avoid altogether, as they can be a potential threat to pregnancy, but if the pregnant woman has never practiced yoga before pregnancy or if They have done only light yoga and have not practiced difficult asanas like headstands, then they should not forget to practice yoga during pregnancy or even such inversion yoga poses.

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Risk of falling due to pregnancy hormone relaxin
Dr. Archana explains that in the first trimester of pregnancy, ie 1 to 3 months, a hormone is produced in the body called Relaxin. This hormone works to loosen the pelvic muscles, so that the size of the uterus is increased and there is no problem in adjusting the growing child to the uterus. Not only the pelvic muscles, but also the leg and knee ligaments loosen the relaxin hormone. In such a situation, if a pregnant woman does reversal yoga like headstand, then there can be a risk of her balance deteriorating and falling. However, if a pregnant woman has been practicing such yoga before conception, then she can do this asana with the supervision of yoga expert, doctor’s permission and help from anyone.

As we also saw in the picture of Anushka, she supported the wall while heading, and her husband Virat Kohli was also seen supporting them. Anushka has been doing yoga especially before she became pregnant and she is used to it, so she did it easily even in pregnancy.

Do not do yoga in the first 3 months of pregnancy
According to Dr. Archana, the risk of miscarriage is highest in the first 3 months of pregnancy, so during this time pregnant woman should avoid taking any kind of risk and this includes things like yoga and workouts. If you have never done yoga before, then during pregnancy, join the prenatal yoga classes only after 3 months of pregnancy and during this time also do not do any kind of yoga which puts some kind of pressure on the stomach. In the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, the problem of morning sickness goes away and the risk of miscarriage is also reduced. In such a situation, yoga can be done easily under the advice of a doctor and under the supervision of yoga experts.

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Benefits of inversion yoga in pregnancy
If you have been doing inversion yoga like headstand before also, then you can do it during pregnancy and it can have the following benefits:

  • During pregnancy, pain remains in the back and waist for a long time and it is a common problem of pregnancy. In this case, doing inversion yoga can help to overcome the problem of back pain.
  • When you do yoga asana by reversing the body, the supply of blood increases in the brain, which calms both the mind and nervous system of the pregnant woman, which also leads to good sleep.
  • Also, with such yogas, flexibility is increased and the body starts getting better prepared for delivery.

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