Anushka Sharma asked for her headphones in Virat Kohli’s live session, the cricketer just replied

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma photo

Special things

  • Virat Kohli did live session
  • Answers to questions given by fans
  • Wife Anushka Sharma also asked questions to the cricketer

New Delhi :

Virat Kohli is very active on social media and often shares his posts with fans. In this sequence, the cricketer held a live session for the fans, where his fans could ask him questions and Virat would answer them. During this time, the fans asked Virat Kohli Instagram many different types of questions, out of which the cricketer answered some selected questions. However, in this live question-and-answer session, Virat’s wife Anushka Sharma also asked a question that is currently under discussion.

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During this session, people asked Virat a lot of questions. A user asked the cricketer what do you do in your free time? To which the cricketer said, “Some good TV shows with Relax and Anushka”.


Another fan asks Virat that you are feeling well after vaccination. Any fever or side effects? In response to which he writes, “A little body ache and mild fever … nothing more”.


A fan asked Virat Kohli Daughter what his daughter Vamika’s name means. how is she? Can we catch a glimpse of him? Virat says, “Vamika is another name of Maa Durga. No, Anushka and I have decided that we will not expose our child on social media until he understands all these things”.


At the same time, when a user asked his diet plan, Virat said, “Lots of vegetables, some eggs, 2 cups of coffee, lentils, quinoa, lots of spinach, also like dosa. But all the control amounts ”.


Meanwhile, Anushka Sharma also asked Virat a question while having fun. He asks Virat where he has kept his headphones. To which Virat Kohli replied, “Always on the table on the side of the”. In this way, this session of Virat Kohli on Instagram was very funny.


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