Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Alia asked her father about drugs, relationship and pregnancy, users said, ‘I am not ashamed’

Mumbai. Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Alia Kashyap doesn’t shy away from talking about issues that people usually shy away from discussing. Recently, Alia said in a conversation that people have criticized her for talking about issues like physical relations, pregnancy and drugs. Even some people say that ‘I should be ashamed of myself’.

Such questions to ask father
Actually, recently Alia shared a video with her father. This video was also uploaded by Alia in her channel on YouTube. In this video uploaded in the name of ‘Asking My Dad Awkward Questions’, he took some questions sent by the fans. In the conversation, Alia wanted to know the father’s point of view on the issue of having a physical relationship before marriage. To this, Alia also asked how they would react if they came to know that ‘I am pregnant’. During this, Alia asked questions about drug use.

‘Received hate messages’
Alia says that she is getting hate messages on social media due to discussions about pregnancy, physical relations and drugs with her parents. Alia says that people write to her in the comments that, ‘How can you talk about such things with your parents?’

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‘People started making dirty comments’
Alia says that when she recently shared some pictures of lingerie as part of a brand endorsement, people on social media started commenting on her photos in weird and dirty comments. Alia says that, ‘I want people to like me but not everyone can like you.’

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Alia’s life also got affected when her father Anurag Kashyap was accused of #MeToo last few months. On this, she says that she suffered a lot due to the allegations against her father. The reason was that it hurt his father’s reputation. However those who are close to him know that he cannot do this, because he is a kind hearted person.


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