Anjeer For Weight Loss: From weight loss to other benefits, consume figs

Anjeer For Weight Loss: Consuming figs as a substitute for high-fat and sweet foods in your regular diet can be good.

New Delhi. Anjeer For Weight Loss: Nowadays many of us are engaged in the struggle of weight loss. For which various diets are followed, boiled, even without ghee-oil food. But what if you can add low-fat, calorie-rich and fun, delicious foods to your regular diet to lose weight? So with this you will also be able to lose weight and your mood will also be good. For this, some sweet and satisfying fruits can include figs in your diet to lose weight. So let’s know how figs can be helpful in reducing weight …

Let us tell you that one large raw fig provides 1.9 grams of the daily value of dietary fiber based on a 2,000-calorie diet. And consuming a high-fiber diet can help prevent obesity. You can add chunks of a fig to your breakfast high-fiber whole grain, a bowl of bran, or even add small pieces of raw figs to a spinach and chicken salad to add a sweet taste to a high-fiber lunch.


Also, one large fig contains about 47 calories. And thus reducing your caloric consumption by caloric expenditure by consuming figs can help you lose weight. Apart from this, consuming figs as a snack will make you feel full. By which it saves you from consuming unnecessary calorie foods.


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You should consume only fresh figs, rather than dried figs or processed fig products. Because fresh figs have fewer calories and sweetness than dried figs. If you eat fig jam, it can be a wrong choice to lose weight, it is high in sugar and it is low in nutrients and high in calories. Additionally, processed fig-bars also contain more calories and sugar than fresh figs, which add up to 198 calories, or 26 grams of sugar, in two cookie servings.


Due to the sweet taste of figs, you can also serve them instead of sweets if you are fond of eating sweets. If you want to lose weight, it is better to choose figs as a sweet alternative to sweet fruit pies or baked foods.



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