Anemia: These symptoms will be seen if there is a lack of blood in the body, pay attention immediately

Anemia: When there is a lack of blood in the body, its symptoms start appearing. If any such symptoms are seen on your body as well. So do not ignore them and pay attention immediately and complete the lack of blood in the body.

The lack of blood in the body starts having an adverse effect on our health. By the way, most of the problems of anemia come to women. There is often a problem like fatigue, weakness and irritability due to anemia. Along with this there are some symptoms as well. Which are seen when there is a lack of blood on our body. If this is happening to you as well. So you should pay attention immediately and solve it.

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That’s why there is a lack of blood-

When the red blood cell count in a person’s body starts decreasing or the level of hemoglobin is continuously low. So this affects the ability of the blood to carry oxygen. A man should have about 13 g dl of hemoglobin in his body. Wherein women should have 12 grams per dl. If it is less than this, then it is considered as lack of blood in the body.

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These symptoms will be seen –

Due to lack of blood in the body, we feel very tired. The heartbeat also becomes abnormal. There is shortness of breath. The energy of the body decreases. There is a pain in the head. It is also difficult to concentrate. Dizziness ensues. There is a tingling in the leg. There are problems like ulcers, blood in the stool, etc. Therefore, if such symptoms are seen, then the doctor should be immediately noticed or some things should be consumed to avoid the loss of blood.

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There is a lack of blood in girls due to this-

Anemia is more common in girls than boys. Because girls lose a lot of blood every month due to their periods.

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Consume these things-

To overcome the lack of blood in the body, you have to consume such foods which are rich in iron. For this, you should consume dry fruits like raisins, apricots, green leafy vegetables, spinach, whole grains, brown rice, wheat, peas, nuts, eggs, soybeans, meat etc. Along with this, the consumption of tomatoes, carrots, beetroot can increase blood. Very beneficial for


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