Analysis: Why does Navjot Singh Sidhu get angry with his own government?

Suraj Bharadwaj
For the last few days, the politics of Punjab has attracted the attention of the whole country. Former Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, who has been in the field of politics for 52 years, came to the floor with a pinch as soon as he took a pinch. Almost all the ministers, MLAs and even his special friends also shunned him. Captain Navjot Singh Sidhu was the owner of multi-faceted talent behind this coup. The same Sidhu whom Captain Amarinder had marginalized in the Punjab government. Everyone was assuming that the Congress in Punjab meant Captain Amarinder Singh, at least in view of the elections on the threshold. But almost all Congress ministers and MLAs united under the leadership of Sidhu and the Congress high command, infamous for its suicidal decisions, changed its general just before the elections in a blink of an eye.

Overnight the name of cabinet minister Sukhjinder Randhawa came up for the chief minister, all the leaders started reaching Randhawa’s house to congratulate, but in the meantime there was a reversal which put the politics of Punjab in such a maze, that till date the Punjab government and the Congress party Couldn’t come out. Surprising everyone, the high command announced the name of Charanjit Singh Channi for the chief minister’s post. It was also surprising that till now where Sidhu was being considered as the kingmaker. There, this sehra was secretly seen being tied on the head of Manpreet Badal.

Now the coup had taken place, the equations had also changed, but in the first two days, when Sidhu appeared on the shoulders of Chief Minister Channi and said Channi Bhai, this behavior was not acceptable to many in terms of the changing situation and position. Meanwhile, by spending time with the people day and night, Channi raised his image among the general public to the seventh sky, people were also impressed to see a CM rising and sitting like a common man. Even Charanjit Singh Channi was projected as the chief minister’s face for 2022. Like a seasoned politician, Channi also did not delay in making a surprise as soon as he got the opportunity and did not miss any opportunity to make his inroads in the public.

Now it was the turn to implement the strong demand of Navjot Sidhu and his associates, that is, to punish the culprits in the case of sacrilege and drugs. The Chief Minister, exercising his powers, appointed IPS officer Sahota as acting DGP and APS Deol as Advocate General. That too against the wishes of Navjot Sidhu.

It seemed that Sidhu would resolve the issue by talking amongst themselves, but he again surprised everyone with his familiar style and resigned from the state Congress president citing his principles. Sidhu’s displeasure was that the APS Deol who humiliated the Punjab government by defending the accused of sacrilege and the police officer who gave a clean chit to Badals, why and how would he get justice in the sacrilege case.

In the corridors of power, especially the opposition parties got an opportunity to say that Sidhu is indeed a misguided missile. This was Sidhu’s second attack on his own government after the Captain. It was said about Sidhu, who put the welfare of Punjab paramount, that he too is not averse to attacking his own government in the lust of the chief minister’s chair. Well, after going into exile once again, Sidhu took the lead in the Lakhimpur Kheri case and himself started leaving for Lakhimpur with Lav-Lashkar that at the last moment CM Channi also sent the Congress’s Lakhimpur Yatra to give a message of solidarity. reached.

Meanwhile, in a purported viral video, Sidhu’s desire to become the Chief Minister came to the fore. Meetings took place in the Delhi Durbar, after all, on November 1, Advocate General APS Deol had to resign. Once again Sidhu won the battle of Chaudhar. Right now it was awaited that when and what decision CM Channi takes on the appointment of the acting DGP.

On November 5, the very next day of Diwali, suddenly a press conference was called and rockets were fired at Channi Sarkar. In gestures, without naming the Chief Minister, the decisions of the Channi cabinet were termed as lollipop. However, Sidhu also clearly said that he has no resentment with Chief Minister Channi. But with this love, he also reprimanded that the government has not done anything on the issue of sacrilege and intoxication so far. However, All is not well in Punjab Congress and some more blasts are bound to happen in the coming days, as there are still more arrows left in Navjot Sidhu’s quiver.

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