Amrita Singh gave such dating advice to Sara Ali Khan, which may work for everyone

Recently, Sara Ali Khan had revealed that her mother Amrita has given her the knowledge of what things should be kept in mind while dating a boy. Sara said, my mother always guides me right and she is also my best critic. He has told me to be with whomever in a relationship but I should not change myself for the sake of another person. I have to remain as I am. If your opinion does not matter in a relationship, then that relationship does not last long.

It is clear from these things of Sara that no matter how much effort you put in a relationship, but never try to change yourself. Relationships in which there is no right of equality, they do not last long.

Loving someone does not mean that you forget yourself for them. Always keep in mind that if your partner asks you to change, then you are not in a relationship with the right partner. Losing your existence for the sake of a relationship doesn’t make any sense out of nowhere, so don’t cut short your career, spending time with friends and family. After getting into a relationship, you have to give time to your partner, it is true but you must also take personal time for yourself.

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When two different people come into a relationship, it is obvious that their views also often do not coincide with each other. However, this does not mean at all that you start changing your thoughts. If your partner tries to impose his views on you or fights over it, then make it clear to him that you have an opinion of your own.

From the very beginning in your relationship, let your partner know that you are a woman to speak your mind openly and they have to understand this. If still your partner fails to understand this, then it is better to distance yourself from such a relationship.

There is no doubt that personal life matters the most, but in this modern era, professional life also has its own importance. In such a situation, if your partner puts a condition on you like leaving the job after marriage, then stop such a relationship before moving forward. Especially women should take the decision of ending their career very carefully.

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Yes, everyone’s priorities in life can be different, if you want to completely dedicate yourself to the family, then you can absolutely do so. But if you are going to make such a decision under any pressure and against your will only for the sake of relationship, then do not do it. Your career not only gives you freedom but also independence, which is very important for every person.


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