Amla Health Benefits: By eating ‘super fruit’ amla in winter, you will get benefit in these diseases.

Amla Health Benefits: Amla is a fruit that is rich in medicinal properties. This fruit coming in winter is very beneficial for health (Health Benefits of Amla). Amla is a treasure of properties, which is why it has got the status of ‘Super Fruit’. Amla is grown a lot in the surrounding countries including India. Amla is also rich in Vitamin C. It can be estimated from the fact that in 100 grams of fresh gooseberries, vitamin C is present as much as 20 oranges.
It happens. Amla’s taste is astringent, in spite of this, Amla pickle and Amla murabba are made a lot in Indian homes.
Amla has also been used as a medicine in India for thousands of years. webmd According to the news of Amla, abundant vitamins and antioxidants are found in Amla which help the body to fight against many diseases. It enhances the immunity of the body. Along with this, the consumption of amla is also very beneficial for the brain.

benefits of eating amla

1. Diabetes – Amla is rich in soluble fiber which dissolves rapidly in the body. With its help, the speed of absorbing sugar in the body slows down. This also reduces the rapidly rising sugar in the blood. It is also very beneficial for patients of type 2 diabetes.

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2. Digestion – Consumption of gooseberry can be very beneficial for people suffering from constipation and digestion problems. Irritable Bowel Syndrome can also be avoided with its regular consumption. Due to the high amount of vitamin C in amla, it also helps in absorbing other nutrients of the body.

3. Eyes – Regular consumption of gooseberry is also considered very beneficial for the eyes. Vitamin A is also present in large amounts in it, which is very important for maintaining eye health. Vitamin A is not only beneficial for the eyes, but it also reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

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4. Immunity – Due to the corona epidemic, there has been a lot of awareness among people about their immunity. People are taking various measures to increase immunity. Amla is also very helpful in increasing immunity. It contains vitamin C as well as polyphenols, alkaloids and flavonoids present in sufficient quantity which are necessary for better immunity.

5. Memory – Eating amla also helps in improving memory. Consumption of gooseberry is also considered beneficial for brain health. Phytonutrients and antioxidants present in it help in enhancing memory by fighting free radicals.

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