Amidst economic collapse, children are unable to pay school fees, have to leave school

Digital Desk, Kabul. Extreme poverty in Afghanistan has led to an increase in the number of children working in dangerous jobs instead of going to schools. A media report said.

According to estimates by international organizations, Afghanistan is considered the worst place for children, as 4 million children are out of school and 2 million are working as child laborers. While speaking with Tolo News, some of these children have stopped their education to help their parents financially. Some of these said they were seriously disappointed about their bleak future.

One such child, Mohammad, says that he has lost hope about his future. He searches the dustbins on the street to find firewood or other items. He said I collect cola cans and energy drinks and firewood. We have nothing at home in this cold weather.

The extreme poverty in Afghan families forces many children to do various dangerous jobs to find food for their families. Poverty forces many children to drop out of school. Busco, a child said, “I sit on the side of this street to polish people’s shoes.” I feel very cold, not many people come. The condition of Afghan children has not improved despite billions of dollars inflow from multiple agencies in Afghanistan.

Women and child activist Maryam Marouf said, “The problems of children increase every day and it is a matter of concern. It is expected that the Taliban will work on a plan to avert humanitarian and economic crisis at such a critical time. Meanwhile, Taliban officials said the government had plans to improve the condition of the children. Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, said, “In the economy and education sectors, the Islamic Emirate has several plans to provide good education opportunities for the new generation, especially for children.



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