America’s attempt to control China from the Xinjiang issue will surely fail | America’s attempt to control China from the Xinjiang issue will certainly fail – Bhaskar

Digital Desk, Beijing. China recently imposed sanctions on four persons, including US International Religious Liberation Committee chair Nadine Menza, immediately under China’s foreign sanctions law for sanctioning four Chinese officials on the pretext of Xinjiang’s so-called human rights question under domestic law. announced installation.

The so-called sanctions imposed by the US on Chinese officials are completely based on lies and fake news. For a long time, the Chinese side has repeatedly introduced Xinjiang’s development, but American politicians continue to fabricate lies by deliberately ignoring them and trying to stigmatize China. Their aim is to use the issue of Xinjiang to control China.

The four Americans sanctioned by China are all from the American International Committee on Religious Liberation. This organization always has a bias towards China and attacks China’s religious policies by issuing reports year after year.

The president of this American organization, Nadine Menza, has spread rumors about Xinjiang and China many times. He has provoked the US Congress to investigate Xinjiang’s human rights question.

China will not allow the interference of any outside power on the issue of Xinjiang. The US should lift the so-called sanctions against Chinese officials as soon as possible. Any so-called human rights preacher who damages China’s sovereignty, security and development interests must pay a price.

(Credits—China Media Group, Beijing)



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