America will ban Russia for poisoning opposition leader Alex Navalny

US President Joe Biden will decide on this together with the European Union

In the US, the government led by President Joe Biden is preparing to impose sanctions on the Russian government for poisoning and jailing opposition leader Alex Navalny in Russia. CNN has published this report on Monday.

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CNN, quoting two officials of the Biden administration, wrote that the United States will decide with the European Union on the matter what kind of sanctions are to be imposed and for how long. According to one official, one possible option would be to issue executive orders to the US Restrictions should be imposed on Russia for the continuous attack on democracy.

The US is also angry with Russia for solarwinds, cyber security hacking and the placing of bounties on the heads of US troops in Afghanistan. This will be the first-ever ban on Russia by the Biden administration and it was under Russia’s rule during the predecessor Donald Trump It is the opposite of the relationship that has been with you.

Trump was often accused of taking a soft approach towards Russian President Vladimir Putin. Especially during the meeting in 2018, Trump supported Putin’s claim that Russia had not interfered in the 2016 US election. While the US intelligence agencies gave evidence of his intervention.

American intelligence agencies gave evidence of his intervention. The European Union on Monday approved sanctions against top Russian officials. At the same time, the United Nations Human Rights Commission has demanded an international investigation in the matter of poisoning Navleni and his early release.


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