America: Hearing of second impeachment against Donald Trump begins, Democratic MP said – ‘will give shocking evidence’

Digital Desk, Washington. Impeachment hearings have begun in the US Senate against former President Donald Trump. This is the second time Trump is impeached. This is the first time in the history of America when a person in the presidency has faced impeachment twice. 228 MPs voted for the proceedings in the Senate while 193 MPs voted for the opposition. While the Republican Party has a majority in the Senate, the House of Representatives has also appointed seven impeachment managers who are advocating it.

Commenting during the impeachment hearing, the BBC reported, Democratic leader and Senator Chuck Schumer said Trump was facing the most serious charges leveled against a president. Trump was charged with inciting rebellion against the nation. Senators also viewed video of Trump supporters attacking the Capitol Building. Let us know that shortly after the impetus of President Trump, his supporters attacked the House.

Trump’s lawyers argue
Trump’s lawyers are Ken Starr, Elaine Dershovits, and Robert Ray, who are supporting him. Let me tell you, Ken Starr and Robert Ray also investigated the impeachment case of Bill Clinton. Trump’s lawyers argue that only those who attacked the Capitol Building are responsible for the riots. Five people were killed in this violence. Lawyers also argue that a former president cannot be impeached. There will be a vote on whether it is constitutionally correct or not.

Republican MP said – night of 6 January like a nightmare
Republican Representative Joe Neguse submitted his final petition for senators supporting the impeachment trial. He said that like every one of you, I too was in the Capitol on 6 January. I was on the floor with Ruskin, the lead manager. He said that what you experienced that day, what we experienced that day, what our country experienced that day is like the worst nightmare in life.


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