America: Big announcement of Biden, two and a half thousand soldiers will return home from Afghanistan by September 11

Digital Desk, Washington. US President Joe Biden has extended the deadline for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Earlier it was May 1, now it has been increased to September 11, which is the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. US officials gave this information on Tuesday. Please tell that after the order, two and a half thousand American soldiers will return to the US.

The news was first reported by The Washington Post. Meanwhile, according to news received from the United Nations, the United Nations, Turkey and Qatar are going to hold a high-level and inclusive conference this month between representatives of Afghanistan and the Taliban.

The conference aims to accelerate the current Afghan negotiations for a just and political settlement. The United Nations said on Tuesday that an ‘Istanbul Conference on Afghanistan Peace Process’ will be held in Turkey from 24 April to 4 May in which representatives of Afghanistan and the Taliban will participate. The United Nations said that the co-organizers of the conference are sovereign, independent and committed to an Afghanistan.


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