All the wounds that Pakistan has got, they have got them all on their own. , All the wounds that Pakistan has got, it has got it from itself – Bhaskar

Digital Desk, Islamabad. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan believes that during the 20 years of the fight against terrorism, all the wounds that Pakistan has received, it has got itself. This information has been given in a report of Sama TV. At a function at the Ministry of External Affairs on Tuesday, he said that every country has its fair share of ups and downs, so it is with Pakistan. Khan said, when you turn away from your principles and take materialistic decisions, there will be consequences.

He recalled that the previous government had chosen the dollar at the cost of human lives. Khan said, and we cannot hold anyone else responsible for what he did. The Prime Minister of Pakistan assured that Pakistan would soon come out of its problems. “We just have to fix the system, bring rule of law and merit,” he said. We need to end this elite capture. As per the report, Khan further added, but it will not happen overnight. We need to think about this together.

He stressed that Pakistan would soon come out of this problem and achieve development, which was last seen in the 1970s. Khan said that though during these years, Pakistan’s reputation at the international level has improved despite facing serious challenges like the coronavirus pandemic. Khan said, we should not run under the impression that we are out of problems, but undoubtedly, the image of the country has improved and this is seen in the OIC conference.

The Prime Minister remarked that Pakistan’s stand has not only been accepted by the world but the country’s objectives for Afghanistan have been adopted by European countries and even the World Health Organization. He added, “We need to understand this. Whether you like the Taliban government or not, you have to think about the 40 million people living in the country. His life is at stake. He said that this is a human crisis and it is man-made. “We can avoid this by de-freezing Afghanistan’s assets and improving liquidity,” Khan said.



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