Akshay Oberoi said, ‘Bhai Vivek and Tauji Suresh Oberoi are no more a part of my journey’

Mumbai. Actor Akshay Oberoi is known for his strong performances in the films ‘Kaalakaandi’ and ‘Gurgaon’. Akshay, Suresh and Vivek are relatives of Oberoi. Akshay has indirectly said that his cousin Vivek and Tauji Suresh Oberoi did not cooperate in pursuing a career in Bollywood. However, about the reasons behind this, Akshay says that even he does not know why this happened.

‘They have not been a part of my journey’
In an interview, Akshay Oberoi said, ‘I think those who know about my journey, they know that it has been my journey alone. I believe that somehow Vivek and Suresh Tauji inspired me to be actors. That’s why I can never take this credit from him. Unfortunately, whatever the situation may have been, I really don’t know about it and I don’t care and don’t want to know why they weren’t a part of my journey. It may or may not be a little beneficial for me.

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‘They can, so why can’t I’
Akshay further says, ‘I am grateful to him that whether he stays with me in my career or not is a different matter, but I am grateful to him that he chose this line. That’s why I got the confidence to enter this line. Because I thought if my blood could do it, why can’t I? Whoever he is, I am his fan. I am a fan of his work. They are both wonderful artists. So I really want to thank them. We don’t talk to each other as much as we should. But I would like to thank him for starting it and especially Suresh Tauji who came here in the 70s.

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persisted because of the love of work
Earlier in an interview to Hindustan Times, Akshay had said that the reason for his staying in this industry is his love for work. In his words, ‘Love of work is the reason for being in this industry for many years. Otherwise, the way my career started with rejections, failures and flops, I should have packed my bags and left long ago. Significantly, Akshay will now be seen in the third season of Amazon’s series ‘Inside Edge’. It also stars Vivek Oberoi. However, both of them will not be seen sharing the screen with each other. Although both will definitely be in the same scene.


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